Iggy and the Stooges
Hammersmith Apollo, 30th - August '05

Photography by Robert Matheu


      "Out of the 11 shows that I have seen thus far since the reunion, tonight (Hammersmith) had to be the best, not just for the material, but the shear power, you could feel the air move. I know it must of been 120 degrees on stage and the audience was even hotter, but with the hot air driving the music into your body...this is the kind of place this music was made for. The outdoor festivals are great but a bit too comfortable, the music just floats out into space. Here it is contained, can't leave the room, it drives the people out, they resist and I'd think you'd feel that onstage, the tension, the give and take. The band agreed." Exerpt from the upcoming "Funhouse" show review by Robert Matheu in Creem Magazine.


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