From 'Die Welt', "A well respected (but conservative) German newspaper," Sept. 5, 2000: My thanks to Michael Woker (MWO), for the transaltion.

Stefan Krulle wrote:

Insolent like his glaring red open Latex Pants
Iggy Pop is not the elegant one

My grand uncle had his rules when decorating his christmas tree: 'Start at top', he said, 'than slowly and with care down to the bottom.' The first that I saw was overwhelming, the second seemed familiar and the third bored me. Twenty years later I had a Dj-vu - just with Iggy Pop concert reviews. They all started worshiping the "Godfather of Punk", went down to his willful self mutilation on stage and tried to describe a foolish dancing musician. It took as many of these reviews as christmas trees in the past to bore me.

Than I heard my first record of these famous singer: 'Funhouse'. I could not believe it dated back to 1970. Three decades of rock history (maybe more) recorded in three studio days by a tiny man called James Osterberg. And two of these decades he had not seen back then.

Since then I am a regular at his concerts; also the one last sunday at the 'Groe Freiheit' (Hamburg) was a pleasure. Not forgetting that Iggy went the easy way. One year ago his album "Avenue B" came out and the 'Rebel without a Cause' seemed developed or mutated or shrinked to a nearly elegant depressive Singer & Songwriter. It took long till I learned to love this album. Now I hoped to hear it live and unfiltered. That did not happen. Iggy shouted "Raw Power" to me and everyone else, followed by "Shakin'all over", older than me , "I wanna be Your Dog" and Van Morrisons "Gloria", and "Home" and "Lust for Life" and "The Passenger".

So beautiful you could cry. No mixing console magician grinded Iggy's sound, no one forbid him to behave as his open glaring red latex pants and to try the intercourse with his Marshall-Amps. Iggy slammed himself into the audience and licked girls faces and spit in mans beer. His band made an inferno out of every chord.

Eventually a guy who is not popular for disgusting divorce catastrophes like so many other. Instead this 53 year old turns the rock world upside down and slaps his depressions in the face of Rock'n'Roll. If Iggy would be on heavy rotation at MTV and Viva, we could dream on of the revolution. Each night and even each day, damn it.
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