" In 1982, horrified by the meaness, tedium and depravity of my exsistance as I toured the American South playing rock and roll music and going crazy in public, I purchased an abridged copy of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Dero Saunders, Penguin). The grandeur of the subject appealed to me, as did the cameo illustration of Edward Gibbon, the author, on the front cover. He looked like a heavy dude. Being in a political business, I had long made a habit of reading biographies of willful characters - Hitler, Churchill, MacArthur, Brando - with large profiles, and I also enjoyed books on war and political intrigue, as I could relate the action to my own situation in the music busisness, which is not about music at all, but is a kind of religion - rental." Iggy Pop, Classics Ireland, 1995 Volume 2, University College Dublin, Ireland.


The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story (Hardcover)
by Robert Matheu

This title has not yet been released -- due out Oct. 1, 2009. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.

Product Description
In The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story, Robert Matheu, along with Jeffrey Morgan have brought it all together through previously unpublished images, insider stories and recollections from band members past and present, and ephemera dating from the band's breakout performances in Detroit in the late 1960s through their most recent shows in 2008. With a Foreword by rock icon Alice Cooper and contributions from noted music journalists Dave DiMartino, Ben Blackwell, Ivan Suvanjieff, Brian J. Bowe, and Machine Rock, as well as acclaimed photographers Joel Brodsky, Ed Caraeff, Mick Rock, and Lisa Gottlieb. This first-ever authorized book about the band gives readers the definitive account of how these icons of rock 'n' roll redefined music, performance, and expectations, time and time again.

About the Author
Robert Matheu has been a music photographer since his teenage years in Detroit, where he attended the earliest Stooges shows. His work has appeared in Playboy, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, and Mojo, as well as on over 200 albums, including the Stooges' most recent album, The Weirdness. He oversaw the 2001 return of CREEM magazine, as well as the 2007 hardcover anthology CREEM: America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine.

Alice Cooper is a rock `n' roll icon who has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. In addition to recording and touring, he is the author of the bestselling Alice Cooper, Golf Monster.



Open Up and Bleed signings

Open Up and Bleed, the Iggy biography by Paul Trynka, is out in paperback this month. There are author signings and appearances in London on April 19, Ann Arbor on the 28th, and Detroit on the 30th, 2008.
More info here, and don't miss the rare photograph's on Trynka's site:


The Stooges: A Journey Through the Michigan Underworld (Paperback)
by Brett Callwood
Paperback, 224 pages
Independent Music Press (31 Jul 2008)

Synopsis (from Amazon.com)
Containing primary interviews with all the band members and Iggy himself, as well as other key characters, this biography provides a collection of exclusive and captivating eye-witness accounts of this most important of rock bands. The influence of The Stooges on the world of punk and rock 'n' roll is immeasurable. The band's three albums - "The Stooges", "Fun House" and "Raw Power" - are bona fide classics. The fact that the band only existed for a few short years at the end of the '60s and start of the '70s makes their achievements all the more impressive.Of course, lead singer Iggy Pop went on to have huge success as a solo artist, working with the likes of David Bowie and Green Day, but here, for the first time, The Stooges story is told in-depth, through original interviews with the band members. Just after the turn of the new millennium, Iggy reformed The Stooges with all of the key members present, including brothers Ron and Scott 'Rock Action' Asheton. The Stooges have gone from strength to strength since the reunion, headlining festivals around the world.

Their contribution to rock music history is without question and this book is an important document of those times and their lives. Buy it here.


Punk Pioneers: When Punk Was Fun
Jenny Lens
Universe (April 22, 2008)

The photographs of Jenny Lens—many unseen, and many more well-known but seldom credited—are poignant reminiscences of a rude and rowdy moment in punk rock history. From 1976 to 1980, Lens took early shots of groups that would go on to be legendary: the Germs, the Go-Gos, Blondie, the Ramones, the Damned, the Clash, Iggy Pop, and many more. Punk Pioneers chronicles the music scene as it raged from stadium and glam rock to punk, steadfastly archiving early pioneers, followers, writers, fans, and performers at shows, backstage, and at parties. Lens reveals untold stories with rare and candid images: Joey Ramone poolside before a show in San Francisco; Debbie Harry tearing off her wedding dress on stage in L.A.; Iggy Pop painting on a whim in the Hollywood Hills. This book stands alone as a record of punk legend, capturing the energy and brilliance, passion and frustration, and most importantly the fight for music and art that embodied the punk movement. Featuring a foreword by renowned photographer Glen E. Friedman, this is one of the most important and most beautiful collections of photography of the least documented era in punk.

Jenny Lens earned a BA in Art from California State University and MFA in Design from Cal Arts. Her iconic and often uncredited shots are rarely exhibited, but are in demand more than ever. Her photos have been published internationally since 1976 in legendary fanzines such as Slash, Flipside, and Back Door Man, in mainstream magazines Creem, Rolling Stone, Spin, and NME, Melody Maker, and MOJO in England, and have been featured in documentaries including American Hardcore, Punk: Attitude, and Ramones Too Tough to Die.

From Rolling Stone: When punk exploded in California in the late 1970s, photographer Jenny Lens was there to capture it all. Her first book Punk Pioneers: When Punk Was Fun (available now for pre-order) features classic shots of punk icons like Iggy Pop, the Germs, the Clash and the Ramones. For a preview of the gems in the book, click here. For more on Jenny Lens, click here.


CREEM: America's Only Rock 'N' Roll Magazine
by Robert Matheu and Brian Bowe

Hardcover: 272 pages
Collins; 1 edition (October 23, 2007)
ISBN 10 0061374563

With raw photographs of rock's greatest stars and insightful prose by the legendary rock journalists who were stars in their own right, CREEM magazine stood at the forefront of youth counterculture from 1969 to 1988 as "America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine." A product of Detroit's revolutionary counterculture, CREEM cultivated an incredibly gifted staff of iconoclastic scribes, editors, photographers, and graphic artists whose work continues to resonate today, including: Lester Bangs, Dave Marsh, Richard Meltzer, Nick Tosches, and a not-so-famous Cameron Crowe. They invented a raucous new form of journalism, where the writing and photographs were as much an expression of rock 'n' roll as the music itself. CREEM embraced and abused the best and the worst of the era: MC5, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, the Faces, Lou Reed, the Stooges, T.Rex, Kiss, Mott the Hoople, the Who, the New York Dolls, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, the Ramones, Cheap Trick, the Clash, and Van Halen, among many others.

Now the Mouth of the Motor City presents a retrospective of the beautiful haze that was rock's golden age—from the end of the hippie days through glam and punk and into '80s metal. Featuring the best of the magazine's vast archives of photos, illustrations, and articles, CREEM is the authentic rock 'n' roll experience—written for fanatics by fanatics.

Robert Matheu cofounded CREEM Media Inc. in 2001. He has been a rock photographer since his early teens in Detroit and originally began working with CREEM magazine while he was still in college. He has worked for Playboy, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, and Mojo. His photos have graced more than 100 album covers and countless magazine covers around the world.


Rock and Roll
by Lynn Goldsmith

Hardcover: 304 pages
Abrams Books (October 1, 2007)
ISBN 10 0810994054

“Lynn was always the best rock-and-roll photographer.” —Tom Petty

Lynn Goldsmith’s vast body of work testifies to her passion for rock and roll. Beginning in the late 1960s, she plunged into the scene working at Electra Records making promotional films. She worked with Joshua White, of the famed Joshua Light Show, creating Video Magnification at rock concerts and went on to become the first director of Late night network Television's ABC In-Concert series. Besides directing, she managed bands and then launched her own music career as Will Powers with the help of established artists like Steve Winwood, Sting, and Todd Rundgren, among others, all the while taking brilliant photographs. Equally at home in the photo studio and shooting reportage, she compiled an unparalleled portfolio of hard-to-get images. Whether the subject be punk, alternative, commercial pop, or the rarified world of the superstars of rock, Goldsmith has a vast range of rare and unusual photographs.

Rock and Roll is a collection of her best work, accompanied by quotes from many of her subjects provided especially for this book. It includes three gatefolds with rock-mosaics made up of thousands of her photographs of the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Kiss.

The introduction is by Iggy Pop, formerly of the Stooges, the godfather of punk.


Bomp!: Saving the World One Record at a Time
by Suzy Shaw and Mick Farren

Hardcover Illustrated: 301 pages
Ammo Books (October 1, 2007)
ISBN 10 0978607686

From 1966 to 1978, "Bomp!" was the magazine of rock-and-roll commentary and criticism that provided a view from the garage of the most crucial era in rock history. This retrospective is composed of rare gems from the magazine, including early interviews with The Doors and The Grateful Dead..


Babylon's Burning: From Punk to Grunge
by Clinton Heylin

Hardcover: 672 pages
Canongate U.S. (February 21, 2007)
ISBN 10 1841958794

From Publishers Weekly
When it comes to the heyday of punk rock in the mid to late 1970s, Heylin has put together a solid history, drawing upon interviews with many of the key players from the era. The focus on London bands like the Sex Pistols and the Clash is unsurprising, but New York combos like the Ramones and Television also get their due, and even groups whose influence is less generally recognized, like Cleveland's Pere Ubu or Australia's Radio Birdman, receive well-rounded treatment. Heylin (From the Velvets to the Voidoids) is opinionated, but only rarely do his undisguised preferences disrupt the story. (One notable exception comes when he calls the death of Sid Vicious's girlfriend, Nancy, "justifiable homicide.") If he'd simply closed out his account with the suicide of Joy Division's Ian Curtis in 1980, Heylin would have perfectly captured the punk era. Instead, he spends another hundred pages building up to the death of Kurt Cobain, branded as a poser and a sellout. That the story so quickly works its way to Nirvana after such an in-depth exploration of the '70s underscores the tacked-on feeling of these final chapters. It's a shame, because the core material is strong enough that it didn't need to grasp at such ersatz "relevance." (Jan.)


Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed
by Paul Trynka

Hardcover, 384 pages
April 10, 2007
IBSN 978-0-7679-2319-4 (0-7679-2319-7)

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Turning 60 in April 2007, "Godfather of Punk" Iggy Pop still displays the body and energy of a 20-year-old, and in this volume Trynka (Portrait of the Blues) captures Iggy's debauchery in an obsessively detailed and compulsively readable biography that is as high-energy and entertaining as its subject. Trynka covers all phases of the "driven, talented, indomitable creature" born James Newell Osterberg Jr. in 1947, with special attention paid to how his band the Stooges roared out of Detroit in the late 1960s, then crashed in a "slow, painful" drug-addled disintegration in the early '70s. While he expertly details Iggy's many comebacks, especially those involving David Bowie, Trynka is most sympathetic to how the Stooges' "brutal, monotonous riffing" was the perfect musical support to Iggy's outrageous gender-bending performances, in which "the blood running down Iggy's chest would become a defining image in his career." Ending with a look at how the Stooges' 2004 reunion shows attracted both older fans and younger postpunks, Trynka shows how every aspect of Iggy's work has now become "an integral element of today's rock and alternative music." Paul Trynka has a website maiy devoted to this book which is chock full of rare photos as well:



Glam! an Eyewitness Account
by Mick Rock
Paperback: 208 pages
Vision On Publishing (February 15, 2006)
ISBN 10 1846091497

With a foreword by David Bowie, here is a seminal collection of images of the glam rock era taken by legendary photographer Mick Rock. Includes outstanding photos of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, and a host of other characters that defined the movement.


From the Velvets to the Voidoids: The Birth of American Punk Rock
by Clinton Heylin
Paperback: 432 pages
Chicago Review Press (May 1, 2005)
ISBN 10 1556525753


One of the most detailed histories of New York's artsy punk scene."  —Library Journal

"No other book...I've encountered succeeded so well in accurately bringing the period to life...lifted me back in time." —Richard Hell, Television and Richard Hell and the Voidoids

\"To [answer] the question of...exactly what kind of music punk rock was, you have to resort to...[this book]." —Robert Christgau, The New York Times

"This engaging & informative history tells you all you'll ever need to know about the birth of American Punk Rock." —Trakmarx.com

"[Heylin] sorts the conflicts and conflagrations with a critic's eye and a fan's heart." —Lenny Kaye, guitarist and collaborator, Patti Smith Group


Punk Diary: The Ultimate Trainspotter's Guide to Underground Rock, 1970-1982
by George Gimarc
Paperback: 750 pages
Backbeat Books; Pap/Com edition (August 1, 2005)
ISBN 10 0879308486

It starts August 1970..."THE STOOGES release their second LP, "Fun House," for Elektra..." 
More here.


The Complete Iggy Pop
by Richard Adams

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Reynolds & Hearn (March 31, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 190528702X

Availability: Not yet been released in the USA but has been in parts of Europe. Will be avail thru Amazon.com.

An in-depth guide to the career and music of punk luminary and ex-Stooge frontman Iggy Pop and his rise to international stardom.Iggy Pop (aka James Osterberg of Ann Arbor) is one of rock music’s most original artists, his remarkable longevity defying the popular perceptionof him as the most excessive and self-destructive musician of his generation. Today, the  walking miracle that is Iggy Pop continues to record, perform, and shock.

In The Complete Iggy Pop, music journalist Richard Adams covers the 18 studio albums—including commentary on every song, plus background information on the recording process—the David Bowie collaborations, the live albums, the semi-official albums, and the reissues of early material.   All the tours and known concert dates are also recorded, as well as videos, films, TV appearances, and the re-formation of his seminal proto-punk band, the Stooges. An indispensable guide to music’s most enduring misfit.


Raw Power: Iggy & The Stooges
by Iggy Pop (Foreword), Mick Rock
Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher: Omnibus Press (September 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 1844495264

From Publishers Weekly:
"I have a kind of reclusive personality," says Iggy Pop of himself in an interview with Mick Rock recorded in 1972. Coming from the least inhibited performer in rock and roll, this statement is striking, and Rock's photographs do nothing to support Pop's self-evaluation. Rock, a widely published photographer, was on hand for a July 1972 concert at London's La Scala Theatre, and first published his photos in book form over thirty years ago. This volume is an updated version of the original, the name of which is drawn from the seminal album Iggy & The Stooges had come to England to record. (Pop was also drying out from "a year of drug addiction. Very heavily into it.") Much of Rock's writing is overwrought, but the book isn't about the words, it's about the photographs, and the photographs are brilliant. Shot backstage and onstage, before, during and after the concert, the photos convey a raw intimacy and immediacy: Pop epitomizes androgyny in his mascara, lipstick and sequined silver drainpipe pants. The book looks and feels like a family album; text from the 1972 interview and a foreword by Pop lend depth to the volume.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Book Description
Contains over 200 amazing photographs as well as interviews, conducted between Mick Rock and Iggy Pop in 1972. Originally published by Creation Books in 1999, this new edition with a foreword by Mick Rock and Iggy Pop contains extra previously unseen images and entirely new text and photos.


Gimme Danger: The Story of Iggy Pop
by Joe Ambrose

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Omnibus (January 13, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN: 0711991073

The first definitive biography of a veteran performer. A perceptive portrait of the real Iggy according to those who know him best.


Biopic: Iggy Pop
Author: Evans, Gavin
List Price: $21.00
Hardcover, 128 pages
Pub. Date: Oct 2003, Publisher: Pub Group West
ISBN: 1841954454, Dimensions (inches): 0.5x9.5x9.25

When Time Out commissioned renowned photographer Gavin Evans to snap Iggy Pop, he first met with Iggy's stylist, Judy Blame, and explained his ideas about a simple shoot focusing on the man himself. Judy replied instantly, "Sure, we'll just use a feather and a fishnet T-shirt." And that, quite literally, is what happened. The result is a collection of arresting and sometimes risque shots that are more powerful and less constrained, more beautiful and less deliberate than anything you will ever have viewed of Iggy previously. For the thousands of music fans across four generations who worship Iggy--his music, face, body, and attitude--this series of images, gathered in just ninety minutes, provides a startling revelation of the many moods and facets of the man who is Iggy Pop. It is far more revealing, in fact, than many painstakingly researched biographies.


New York Rocker: My Life in the Blank Generation with Blondie, Iggy Pop and Others, 1974­1981
List Price: $16.95
Edition: Paperback

From the Publisher:
By 1970, the hippie dream of the 60s was dead—the soundtrack to the revolution had become a multimillion–dollar industry. But four years later, emerging from the rubble of rock, was a music whose hard edge matched the lifestyle of its home turf—New York’s East Village. Punk’s initiators—Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine, and Patti Smith—had one foot in 19th–century French symbolist poetry and the other in the raw sound of predecessors like the Velvet Underground. Now, in New York Rocker, Gary Valentine offers an inside account of this little–documented era. He talks about the luminaries—like Debbie Harry, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Devo, and the New York Dolls—and the gigs at CBGBs hitting the news as Warhol and his glittering crew descended. What began as a unique blend of fin–de–siècle ennui and edgy rock, exploded worldwide into an anarchic frenzy of safety pins and gutter decadence, then plunged into excess and eventual ruin—with its survivors making a leap into the mainstream.

Mother's and Others: The Rock and Roll History of Romeo, Michigan by David McLaughlin. The book features photos and flyers from the teen night club Mother's in Romeo. Other than the Stooges featured there is info on The MC5, AmboyDukes, and other Michigan bands that played in Romeo. It is a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 digest, 52 pgs, published in1997. It can be ordered through P.O. Box 242, Lakeville, MI 48366-0242. Checks payable to David McLaughlin. $10 postage paid.


Iggy Pop: The Biography by Joe Ambrose
‘The Godfather of Punk’ is still performing and still inspiring rebellious young rockers and nihilistic artists world-wide. Now comes the first definitive biography of a veteran performer whose outrageous public persona seems strangely at odds with his comfortable Florida lifestyle. Ambrose’s biography is a perceptive portrait of the real Iggy according to those who know him best.

Published: October 2002
Format: 336 pages, 6.5 x 9.5, hardcover
ISBN: 0.7119.9107.3
UPC: 7.52187.48675.6
Order Number: OP48675
Price: $29.95

Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey by Bebe Buell, Victor Bockris (Contributor)
Bebe Buell: Her Backstage Passes

SHE'S a legend in her own book. That Abba musical "Mama Mia," about a girl with three potential dads, due to open in October? Bebe Buell already lived it, in 1977, when she had a baby girl with three potential dads: Todd Rundgren, the rocker she was living with; Steven Tyler, one of the rockers she had slept with; and Mick Jagger, who had not bedded her around the time she got pregnant but who teased her about being the real father.

The baby grew up as Liv Rundgren but changed that to Liv Tyler on learning her true paternity and is now, of course, a movie star of 24.

But this book, "Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey" (St. Martin's Press), is about Bebe.

"The only thing I was certain about was that I could lure any man I wanted into my bed," she writes. "But I could not lure any man I wanted into a stable relationship."

She tells of how Eileen Ford saw a test shot of her in 1972 and of how in quick order she became a model, a rock "muse," Miss November 1974 in Playboy, a mother, a punk rocker and finally Liv's manager.

But mostly Ms. Buell's book is about the many liaisons she recalls with rock and movie stars, including David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Rod Stewart, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty, and is loaded with pictures to prove it. Ms. Buell asserts that she was not a groupie. Rather, she calls herself a connoisseur of rock music, an inspiration for lyrics, a companion, someone who might accidentally snort heroin when she thought it was only cocaine but who kept her feet on the ground; except, that is, when she was in bed.

On a blazing Tuesday night, Ms. Buell arrived for her publication party at Don Hill's, a SoHo rock club she says in her book is "the only place in New York I knew of that upheld some of the spirit of fabulousness" of Max's Kansas City.

First out of her town car was her shaggy-haired fiancé, Jim Wallerstein, a guitarist in the Bebe Buell Band, followed by a huge bodyguard, then Ms. Buell, 48, who was dressed in an off-the-substantial-shoulder black gown by Ghost, strappy sandals and a necklace she hopes you think is made of diamonds.

A camera team from "20/20" was waiting, along with assorted paparazzi, but the night became a gathering of old friends from the rock world like Hilly Kristal, founder of CBGB, the photographer Marcia Resnick ("I'm in the index," she said) and new friends from publishing.

"I'm going to mingle-ingle," Ms. Buell announced.

As the sound system played "Spill the wine and take that pearl," a fan handed her a huge box of Bazooka bubble gum. (After years of indulgence, she found the one drug she really needed, Zoloft, and gave up everything except Champagne.)

"I'm going to get out of this dress soon, and get into multiple personalities," Ms. Buell promised a friend.

She circled the room several times, asking Don Hill himself where the cool spots were. Literally. "I'm on a perpetual quest for air-conditioning," she said. Women of a certain age can sympathize.

Jill Brooke, the editor of Avenue magazine, said, "You almost expect Cameron Crowe to be here." Twice. (His movie "Almost Famous," about a rock groupie, er, muse, is inspired in part by Ms. Buell.)

Off Ms. Buell went to shuck her gown and put on tight black pants, a leopard thong and a long-sleeved black crop top, "so I can go crazy onstage," she said. She grabbed the mike stand, and Mr. Wallerstein adopted the perfect question mark pose with his guitar.

"I knew she could rock," said one publishing executive, "but I didn't know she could rock." Well, yes, if your idea of a rock band is Stephen King and Amy Tan, then Bebe Buell rocks. Onstage, she suggests a mix of Debbie Harry and Mae West. She's a competent musician, competent in everything she has done.

"Bring it down, boys," she said to her band, and then straddled the microphone stand and tore through her numbers, like "Normal Girl," "Cool" and "Money Machine," a song she dedicated to her publishers.

Later, under the dripping pipes in the basement, she assessed her performance: "I think you get better at everything as you get older."


The first book that you should consider is the  autobiographical I Need More, Paperback Reprint edition (September 1995) Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306806460 . Originally published as I Need More: The Stooges and Other Stories, William Burroughs described it as "Fresh, couragious, and evocative, I Need More is the story of a man who stands up to tell the truth in a house full of lies...bridging the schizoprenic gap between fact and public image"

Another must: Iggy Pop Collection, Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, 1994. Sheet music for guitar, piano and vocals. Annotated by Iggy. Stop searching for those tabs and lyrics - often corrupted by mistaken but well meaning fans.

Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk, Legs Mcneil (Editor) Gilliam McCain (Contributor). "Punk's chaotic energy and revolutionary spirit come through vivedly in this mesmerizing account of American Punk" Kircus Reveiws, April 15, 1996. "There are some great stories, too, about the origin of glitter and the ripped T-shirt, Iggy Pop's proclivity for taking off his clothes, bar fights, groupie sex, inflated egos, drugs, drugs, and more drugs, and the deaths." Booklist, May 1, 1996.

Neighborhood Threat: On Tour With Iggy Pop, Alvin Gibbs, A K Pr Distribution; ISBN 1899784101.

The Dark Stuff : Selected Writings on Rock Music 1972-1995, by Nick Kent, Iggy Pop. Paperback Reprint edition (September 1995) Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306806460

The Wild One : The True Story of Iggy Pop, Per. Nilsen, ASIN: 0846429756. Out pf print.

Dreams of the World : Stories of the Greek and Roman Gods, by Iggy Pop, Suzanne Vega (Artist), George Clinton (Artist) ASIN: 0787107344. Synopsis: Myths and legends form the foundations for all cultures. The Greek and Roman myths were early tales created to explain the world and are now inextricably woven throughout music, art, film, theater, literature, politics and daily life. Thousands of years old, these myths continue to inspire and intrigue, and this audio keeps these stories vibrant with new recordings by an intriguing array of artists including Iggy Pop, George Clinton, Suzanne Vega and others. Availability: This title is out of print.

The Lives & Crimes of Iggy Pop, ISBN 0 907 188 15 X, Babylon Books, England, C1987 Text by Mike West, many b/w photos and discography.

Blah Blah Blah Tour, no ISBN, Rosebud Publishing, Sweden, C1987 Compiled by Per Nilson, reports and reviews, some b/w photos.

Instinct Tour 1988-89, no ISBN, European Stooges Society, Sweden, C1989 Compilation of reports and reviews, plus b/w photos by Paul Quant.

Iggy Pop - Imagini del Rock No.8, ISBN84-7974-709-9, La Mascara, Spain, C1995 written in castellano, many nice pictures including some from the film 'Atolladero.'

Iggy Pop - VIRGIN modern icons, ISBN 1 85227 698 3, Virgin Publishing Ltd, C1997 introduction by Nina Antonia, many color photos.

Shock Rock: From Iggy to Ziggy and Ozzy to Rozz, Andy Bailey Paperback, 288pp. ISBN: 0823076687 Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications, Incorporated Pub. Date: November 1999.

Illustrated Collectors Guide to Punk : Band by Band Document of the Punk Era, by Dave Thompson. CGP Inc (cgp@icom.ca) , June 10, 1997 Synopsis: Every punk fan will want to have a copy of The Illustrated Collector’s Guide To Punk, Part 1. This detailed 376 page, CD-sized book features over 200 artist entries, featuring full listings of bands’ line-ups, singles, albums, miscellaneous recordings, career details, cross-references, and a UK chart log, combined with hundreds of photos. The book is also available in a package with a corresponding CD, The Very Best of UK Punk, featuring such classic punk tracks as “Orgasm Addict” (Buzzcocks) and “Death Disco” (Public Image Ltd.). 376 pp.

RAW POWER - IGGY & THE STOOGES - PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICK ROCK. Creation Books are now proud to present this unparalleled document of the Stooges. Today the walking miracle that is Iggy Pop continues to record, perform and shock. Yet in terms of music and celluloid history, 1972 was the year. During this time, Iggy & the Stooges - at the height of their musical powers and legendary excesses - recorded the now-seminal album "Raw Power" and performed their only UK gig at London's Scala. It was a crazed period captured on camera by one man...................Mick Rock.

This page is continously under construction: if you have a book title to contribute, please feel free to contact me. All of the above are available through Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com unless otherwise indicated.

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