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6/15/01: Iggy plays the Hultsfred Festival tomorrow, maybe a live or later rebroadcast of his show here. Iggy will be a guest on The Priory, Channel 4, UK, 6pm on this coming Tuesday, June 19th. Tickets are still available as of this writing.

6/15/01: A little Ron Asheton news:
Ron in CA (pix): Friday, April 27: Great American Music Hall / Saturday, April 28: The Catalyst.
Manchester gig photos. Review: J MASCIS AND THE FOG Glasgow King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, 5 June 2001.

According to John Griffin
Barring any trouble returning from Europe Ron Asheton will be back on
WCBN FM Ann Arbor next Wednesday Night(June 20) from 10pm - Midnight
(Eastern Standard Time). Tune in via

6/13/01: Iggy's in Paris now, with Gui hot on his trail Good Luck, vicious one! Iggy will be taping a TV show for NPA including some songs from the new CD later this week. I hope some of you French folks will be taping and bootlegging this week. Concert schedule here.

Some new pix from the 4th and B gig here.
Thanks Mr. Kurtz!

About the Reebok ads: It's all part of a new campaign started early this year :"Defy Convention." I think Iggy's entirely correct for this stance, hope he make a trillion bucks. Saw a new one in May's GQ, but prefer the one Gui posted with the mic cord wrapped around him. Will scan the other tho for you all soon.

A reveiw from Florida.

Iggy Beats 'Em Up!

Iggy Pop
The Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
May 27, 2001

James Brown may be the "Hardest Working Man in Show Business," but Iggy Pop
has to be the hardest working man in rock and roll. At 54, Iggy still
literally throws himself into his performance and into the crowd. Though he
now abstains from self-mutilation, Ig puts on a show worthy of his
reputation as the "Godfather of Punk." Iggy packs in more than an hour and
a half of twisting, thrusting, and snarling through his impressive

The set highlighted his upcoming album, Beat 'Em Up. After the more mellow
and introspective Avenue B, Iggy is back to his hard rock roots. The entire
set was played double-time to match the speed metal urgency of his new
songs. The show opened with a new tune, Mask, in which Iggy rails against
the hypocrisy of the music biz, show biz, and all the phonies he's met. An
aging Holden Caulfield for the punk generation, Ig disdains everyone who is
not authentic.

The sound system at the venue was the only disappointment. Early in his
set, the distortion drowned out the vocals so badly, it was hard to
distinguish one song from the next. Fortunately, the sound improved
somewhat after the first few songs. Iggy and his band ripped through
Stooges classics including, I Wanna Be Your Dog and some of his more
commercial successes?the ubiquitous Lust for Life and Real Wild Child.

It's exhausting enough just watching Iggy, but during the encore of TV Eye
he still had enough energy to scale the amplifiers and vault onto the
second floor balcony. Minutes later, he resurfaced on the stage and resumed

Iggy pledged to his fans I Won't Crap Out on 1990's Brick by Brick?still
wringing every drop of sweat out of each performance, he's kept his

Thanks Julie, I thought you were a jounalist

As for Ron Asheton, those of you who weren't able to see him live during the last few months can see him here, Tuesday, June 19th, 24 hr. webcast, according to J Macsis' #1 fan, Jeremiah.

I wish I was in Paris with you, mentor :-)

5/28/01: Reviews from the Florida shows:
5/25/01: Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, Florida. 7:30pm. Review: St Petersburg Times.
5/27/01: Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 8pm. Review: Sun Sentinel.

2001 Tour pix from Steve B: Phoenix and San Diego.

PIX from Rolling Stone: 5/18/01: Vic Theatre, Chicago, Illinois. I'm in the crowd scenes ;-)

New Edition of "Neighborhood Threat" with NEW pix by Gui last year, check here, Congrats vicious boy.

5/24/01: Ron WILL NOT be playing So What in Oslo June 16th, even tho the venue's website says he will be there with J and the Fog. Tripod pulled my Ron site, so you can find a temporary page here with news and dates.

Confirmed dates:

6/4 Manchester-University
6/5 Glasgow-KIng Tut's Wah Wah Hut
6/7 Portsmouth-Wedgewood Rooms
6/8 London-Sheperd's Bush Empire
6/9 Brighton-Pavillion

Thanks RS!

5/23/01: Still recovering from my trip to the Midwest to see Iggy in Chicago and Detroit. here are the setlists, respectively:

5/18/01:         Vic Theatre, Chicago, Illinois. 8pm.


1. Mask
2. Beat Em Up
3. Raw Power
4. Search and Destroy
5. Howl
6. Corruption
7. Wild One
8. I Wanna Be Your Dog
9. Home
10. Passenger
11. Lust For Life
12. I Gotta A Right
13. Cold Metal
14. Real Cool Time
15. Snake
16. Down On The Street
17. No Fun
18. L.O.S.T.
19. TV Eye

5/20/01:         State Theatre, Detroit, Michigan. 7:30pm.


1. Mask
2. Espanol
3. Beat Em Up
4. Raw Power
5. Search and Destroy
6. Howl
7. Corruption
8. Wild One
9. I Wanna Be Your Dog
10. Jerk
11. Home
12. Passenger
13 .I Got A Right
14. Cold Metal
15. ? VIP
16. Down On The Street
17. No Fun (extended version)

Beat 'Em Up Release date:
Iggy Pop

Format: Audio CD
US Release Date: 06/30/2001
Label: Virgin
General Info
Genre: Rock and Pop
Catalog Number: n/a
Distributor: EMI Music Distribution
Spars Code: n/a
Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Studio/Live: Studio

VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock 'N' Roll
Thursday, May 24
100 Most Shocking Moments (#60-#41)
# 52: Iggy Pop is rushed to the hospital after cutting himself onstage (1973)

5.7.01: The promo of "Beat Em Up" is out, read what our French friend, FlashmasterGui has to say about it here.

According to the GREATER ORANGE COUNTY MONTHLY RECORD SHOWS' website, Scott Asheton will play at one of their gatherings June 24th, 2001 between 12 and 2pm. Read an interview with the elusive James Willianson at the I-94 Bar.

5.2.01: Iggy Pop at Coachella:

"No one worked harder on Saturday then the elder statesman of punk,
Iggy Pop. Performing a rare daylight set, Pop threw himself --
scarred body and all -- into his high-energy music, showing
that while he may be old enough to be a father to everyone else in
attendance, he takes a backseat to no one when it comes to go-for-the-
throat live performance. Highlights of Pop's ferocious effort, which
also featured a couple of new songs from his upcoming album, included
"Raw Power," "Search & Destroy," "Home," and the closer, "Lust for
Life." "I'm a fucked-up person in real life," he offered before
launching into "Wild One." Surely that was one of the
understatements of the day."

Iggy Pop to Release New Album; 'Beat 'Em Up' Due in July
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., May 1
Iggy Pop, the undisputed godfather of punk, is slated to release
another blistering sonic assault in July. Entitled ``Beat 'Em Up,''
the album is a return to form for the astonishingly ageless Pop,
whose last release was 1999's ``Avenue B.''

``Beat 'Em Up,'' to be released from Virgin Records America, was
produced by Iggy, and engineered by Danny Kader. Joining Iggy are
Whitey Kirst (guitar), Alex Kirst (drums), Pete Marshall (guitar) and
Lloyd ``Mooseman'' Roberts (bass). Sadly, Mooseman, formerly of Body
Count, was murdered in a drive-by shooting this past winter. Pete
Marshall will take over bass duties for Iggy's upcoming live dates.

Following a handful of U.S. dates this Spring, Iggy will play several
European festivals (see below), before returning to the U.S. for a
tour. Dates and cities for that tour are still TBA.

"Beat 'Em Up" Track Listing

Beat 'Em Up
Talking Snake
Death Is Certain
Go For The Throat
Drink New Blood
It's All Shit

Thanks Sweetness ;-)

4.30.01: Special Edition of the news -- Concert reviews from press and afficianados here. Thanks SO MUCH Mike and Steve.

4.25.01: Many more Iggy concert dates added, see 2001 schedule here.
Ron Asheton calender

4.20.01: Big "Lust For Life" banking ad campaign, see this. ;-)
More Iggy dates are rolling in:
5/20/01:      State Theatre, Detroit, Michigan.
7/07/01:      Solidays: Aids Benefit at the Hippodrome: Paris, France.
7/08/01:      Eurokeennes de Belfort, France.

More Ron Asheton dates:
wed,april 25 - house of blues, 1530 s. disneyland dr., anaheim, ca -
(714) 778-2583
thu, april 26 - el rey theatre, 5515 wishire bl., los angeles, ca -
(323) 936-6400
fri, april 27 - great american music hall, 859 o'farrell st., san
francisco, ca - (415) 885-0750

and then off to Europe on June 1st:
6.16.01: So What, Oslo, Norway.

4.15.01: Iggy will play the Bizarre Festival, Airport Weeze, County Kleve, Germany. Day and time TBA.

4.10.01: Raw Power was alive and well at the Black Cat with Ron Asheton, in Washington, D.C. last night, April 9, 2001.

He was just brilliant, his hands a blur. Looked great too, not a day over 35, the crowd was definitely his, and jumping. I got to talk to him, and he was so nice, unassuming, and with the greatest smile, incredible considering all those years of r'n'r; you could sense the sheer love and excitement of music, fresh as a kid's, that a REAL musician always keeps. J and the Fog started out the set, played for a half an hour, and then Ron appeared, amidst cheers from the crowd. How incredibly cool of J to bring this man back to playing live for us to see!

We were treated to:
Real Cool Time
Little Doll
No Fun

I Wanna Be Your Dog
TV Eye (extended version is an understatement!)

It was an honor to be on THIS guestlist. And I don't know what the Austin Chronicle was talking about, this "stout' business -- Ron looks FINE. He actually has a real nice... girls. I think it might be time to jam Art's fax machine, watcha think?

3.28.01: Listen to a live boot of "L.O.S.T." here, a studio version of which is going to be on Iggy'd next CD "Beat Em Up" due out, at last word in the spring of 2001. Thanks love ;-) Also a new home for Ron Asheton's WCBN interview from Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 22, 2001 here.

3.22.01: Lots of news today! New Iggy dates: 4/25/01: Cajun House, Scottsdale, Arizona; 4/29/01: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA. 8:00PM. Review and picture of Ron Asheton with J. Macsis, Mike Watt and the Fog at SXSW here. New Iggy fantasy in a movie: 'When Brendan Met Trudy'("Unlocking the Esprit of the Irish With Sex.")

3.13.01: New date in San Diego, CA: April 27th at 4th and B. The Austin Chronicle mentions Ron playing SXSW. SXSW Conference subject Friday: "How Do You Publicize a Mike Watt in a Britney Spears World?" Iggy (picture) at SXSW 1996. New Iggy Book. Iggy interview -- old but I hadn't seen it. And last but not least: The WCBN interview with Ron online -- huge audio download, be prepared to wait if you're not broadband, made it recordable too. THANKS love, and for that coffee too!

3.08.01: The news about Mooseman is not good...this is what I have heard so far:
It was a drive-by shooting in Compton, they don't know who did it "it's all very vague." Pete Marshall will play bass.
Iggy, WFLD, the boys, Gen; I'm so sorry for your loss.

3.01.01: Here we go again! Iggy plays CA. Sat 04/28/01: The Coachella Valley Music Festival, Indio Polo Field, Indio, CA. Thanks again mentor ;-) I have been unable to get confirmation of the possible death of Llyod "Mooseman" Roberts on Feruary 2nd. Still trying...

2.23.01:  J. Mascis and The Fog's concert dates

02/23/01 Melbourne, AUS: Corner Hotel
02/24/01 Melbourne, AUS: Corner Hotel
02/25/01 Adelaide, AUS: Adelaide University
02/28/01 Sydney, AUS: Manly Fisho's Club
03/01/01 Newcastle, AUS: Bar On The Hill
03/02/01 Sydney, AUS: Metro
03/03/01 Brisbane, AUS: Waterloo Hotel

Maybe with Ron Asheton?

03/15/01 Austin, TX: Emo's (with Ron for sure! Rumor Iggy may attend SXSW.)
03/17/01 Houston, TX: Engine Room
03/18/01 New Orleans, LA: Parish @ House of Blues
03/19/01 Birmingham, AL: Five Points Music Hall
03/20/01 Memphis, TN: New Daisy Theatre
03/22/01 Louisville, KY: Phoenix Hill Tavern
03/23/01 Cincinnati, OH: Bogart's
03/24/01 Nashville, TN: 328 Performance Hall
03/26/01 St. Louis, MO: Blueberry Hill
03/27/01 Lawrence, KS: The Bottleneck
03/28/01 Omaha, NE: Ranch Bowl
03/30/01 Iowa City, IA: Gabe's Oasis
03/31/01 Madison, WI: Barrymore Theatre
04/01/01 Chicago, IL: House Of Blues
04/02/01 Cleveland, OH: Grog Shop
04/04/01 Lancaster, PA: The Chameleon
04/05/01 Cambridge, MA: Middle East Club
04/06/01 Providence, RI: Met Cafe
04/07/01 Amherst, MA: Skybox
04/10/01 New York, NY: Wetlands Preserve
New York, NY:Wetlands Preserve
04/12/01 Baltimore, MD: Fletcher's
04/13/01 Richmond, VA: Alley Katz
04/14/01 Charlotte, NC: Tremont Music Hall
04/16/01 Orlando, FL: Sapphire Supper Club
04/17/01 Tampa, FL: State Theatre
04/25/01 Anaheim, CA: House Of Blues
04/26/01 Los Angeles, CA: El Rey Theatre

2.22.01: From John "Rastafari" Griffin: Ron Asheton's gonna be on Ann Arbor radio station WCBN on Tuesday Night Feb. .27 from 10-midnight. If you're not from the Ann Arbor area you can listen in via the web at (You may need to download a free version of real player). Hope you can catch the show.

2.18.01: From Tony Bogdanovski,
Ron Asheton, legendary guitar and bass player for the Stooges, will be teaming up with J Mascis & the Fog at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas on March 15 at Emo's. Somewhat of a recluse in recent years, Asheton may even join the band on guitar for a series of tentative shows between March 26 and April 21. Mascis and Mike Watt, who will provide bass for the SXSW lineup, have been long time admirers of Asheton. Meanwhile, the Fog will wrap up an Australian tour on March 1 in Sydney.

2.16.01: Finally some great Iggy News! Iggy Pop has all but tied a bow on his first self-produced album, tentatively titled, Beat 'Em Up. Recorded this winter at the newly rechristened Hit Factory Criteria studios in Miami Beach, Florida, Pop has recorded fifteen new songs, including the aggro-core "L.O.S.T," "Beat 'Em Up," "Howl" and "Mask." "I'm not saying this is another Raw Power, but if Raw Power is a true Iggy album, then this is another true Iggy album," said Pop's manager Art Collins, adding that there would be some "ranting on the album, some humor, some rock on it." Due out in late spring, the album will feature guitarist Whitey Kirst, drummer Alex Kirst, guitarist Pete Marshall and new bassist Lloyd "Moose Man" Roberts from Body Count. Though touring plans haven't been confirmed, Pop is planning to tour following the album's release, possibly kicking things off in late-May and running through the rest of the year. "We plan to do lots of touring this year," Collins says. Oh, Baby, THANK YOU!

2.14.01: A new addition to my site: Dirt's Iggy Pop Tradelist. It's much more: a history of iggy's gigs since the stooges, with the tours, venue links, personell and more. Don't miss it!

2.8.01: Entertainment Weekly: The Top !00 Moments of Rock and Roll: RANK 58:
Iggy Pop Cuts His Chest on The First Stooges Tour

Listen to Iggy and Francoise Hardy doing "I'll Be Seeing You" here. (Launch external veiwer)

2.7.01: Mike Watt on the Blind Pig show: "Ron Asheton came up and did six Stooges songs (from the first two records) w/J Mascis + the Fog (I do the bass in the fFog) last night at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI. it blew my mind. Ron still blasts on the guitar, he was really smokin'. Much respect to him." Reportedly played TV Eye, Loose, Real Cool Time, No Fun and more. Found from the boards, video... StranGe fRut: A video history of Detroit's one-of-a-kind avant-lowbrow culture, a milieu that produced some of the most distinctive punk and experimental rock music ever made. In the late '60s and early '70s, this was the scene that gave birth to the MC5, Iggy Pop and the Stooges and Destroy All Monsters. This program goes beyond the music, however, exploring the other odd assortment of influences that created this bizarre artistic stew: Odd children's television hosts, Motor City Wrestling, the Diego Rivera Industrial Murals and more. 1999, 60 mins. order it here.

1.31.01: Iggy's contribution to the aforementioned "Hollywood Goes Wild" CD is "Hollywood Affair" with Johnny Depp. Ron Asheton will be sitting in with J. Mascis (The Fog and Dinosuar, Jr.) and Mike Watt, formerly of the Minutemen, who had been filling in for the bass player with Porno for Pyros, at the Blind Pig, this Sat., Feb. 3, in Ann Arbor, so say his friends and the club booker (thanks Jason!).

1.28.01: WORLD Sunday, January 28, 2001 12:00 AM

Celebs lend voices to Wildlife
Waystation charity CD

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Hollywood celebrities tapped their musical talents in
a recording to benefit the Wildlife Waystation exotic animal sanctuary.

Actors Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe, Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Keanu
Reeves were among the stars on the CD, ''Hollywood Goes Wild.'' An
unspecified portion of sales will be donated to the 160-acre sanctuary.

The recording, set for release March 7, also features Billy Bob Thornton,
Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, Jeff Goldblum, Iggy Pop, and Mare Winningham.

''This is a wonderful gesture from our neighbors, the Hollywood community,''
said Waystation founder Martine Collette.

Advance copies can be purchased by visitors at the Angeles National Forest
sanctuary or through the Waystation's Web site.

Pitt contributed a remix of ''Mid Town'' from the film ''Johnny Suede;'' Crowe
and his band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, performed, ''The Photograph Kills;''
and Goldblum belted out ''Born Free'ky,'' a tune he co-wrote.

The Waystation, which houses 1,200 abandoned animals including lions, tigers,
wolves and bears, and is entirely funded by donations, Collette said.

The sanctuary resumed tours Jan. 7 after being closed to the public for 10
months by an order from the state Department of Fish and Game.

Officials placed the facility on two years probation after an inspection last
March revealed some of its cages were inadequate and that animal excrement
was flowing into creeks, causing health and environmental concerns. Thanks , honey...

1.15.01: VH1 names "Raw Power" as #69 of the 100 Greatest Albums of Rock and Roll. Thanks Cyd. PREMIERES MON. JAN. 15 10 PM ET.

1.10.01: Reunion of Punk Magazine tonight at CBGB's in NYC. Ron and Scott Asheton are not expected to show. Note Legs (Please Kill Me) McNeil's appearance listing... Listen to King Biscuit Flower Hour's "Live at the Ritz '86" here. See Iggy on (US)VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Rock and Roll (#83) SAT 1/20 at 8pm ET. See Iggy and the Stooges on the (US)VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock (#27) MON 1/15 at 5pm ET.

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