Romeo, MI revisited, gigs in Germany starting Friday, Memphis rumor : From "Mothers and Others: The Rock and Roll History of Romeo, MI" -- the infamous gig as related by one of the club owners and Ron Asheton, poster of show, newspaper article here. Thanks anon one, AGAIN ;-)

German tour starts Friday:
9/01/00: Rock am See Festival: Losheim, Germany.
9/02/00: Columbia-halle: Berlin, Germany.
9/03/00: Grosse Freiheit 36: Hamburg, Germany.
9/05/00: Kick: Herford, Germany.
9/06/00: Stahlwerk, Dusseldorf, Germany. (venue changed 7-26-00.)
9/07/00: Richard Hirschman Eisstadion: Esslingen, Stuttgart, Germany.
More info (club links) here.

There was a rumor that Iggy was in Memphis this weekend. "He's not playing, at least not that I've heard. He'll be in town for some other reason, and it is reputed he will be going to see his friend Jeff Evan's band CC Rider (sp?) at a venue that I don't know the name of. Mr. Airplane Man (a band that Jeff Evans is recording, that were very influenced by Iggy are also on the bill) -- on Saturday night. And Jack Oblivian (of The Oblivians) will also be playing." (Thanks, J.)

Personally my mentor heard Iggy stated that he would never do this out of respect to Jim Morrison. But this is what Manzarek said. Excerpt from a recent interview with Ray Manzarek: "We're talking to Iggy Pop right now, [about performing with the remaining Doors] so, we'll Iggy's schedule works out. But, wouldn't that be great, man? Iggy and the Doors. I'd love that, you know, and Densmore said he'd play, too.So, John and Robby and Ray may all play together-- the three surviving Doors with Iggy Pop, and I'd really dig that."

NEXT... The Detroit News, by Susan Whitall:

Picking a poet for Michigan Laureate idea raises unusual names and tests the definition of poetry

Forget suburban sprawl or the shrinking Great Lakes. What our legislators will be grappling with this fall is deeper, and some would argue, more eternal than even a lake: the definition of poetry, and who should be considered a poet. It all started a few weeks ago, when state Sen. Thaddeus McCotter, a Republican from Livonia, was prompted by a newspaper report that Michigan was one of only 13 states without a poet laureate, to suggest that we remedy the situation. To prime the pot, the concerned senator floated a few names, among them Leelanau Peninsula-based novelist Jim Harrison, whose books have been made into several movies, including Legends of the Fall; and rockers Bob Seger and -- Iggy Pop.(Yes. Iggy Pop, the godfather of American punk, whose songs are now used in Volkswagen commercials.) As always, thank you, love...

Details are being finalized for Pearl Jam's upcoming series of twenty-five double-live albums from their European tour. However, the Roskilde show will not be among the releases (contrary to early reports, which the band's site deems "thoughtless and offensive"). The twenty-five albums represent the series of performances that fall between their May 23 performance in Lisbon, Portugal, and the June 29 set in Oslo, Norway, stopping before the tragic June 30 date in Denmark and the subsequent cancellations in its wake. The albums will debut to Ten Club members on Sept. 5 through and and will hit retail two weeks later. While twenty-five performances suggests a bit of overlap, the group mixed in covers on the tour including R.E.M. ("The Wrong Child"), the Doors ("Love Me Two Times"), Sonic Youth ("Androgynous Mind"), Pink Floyd ("Another Brick in the Wall"), Tom Waits ("In the Coliseum"), Iggy Pop ("Power"), the Split Enz ("I Got You"), the Who ("Behind Blue Eyes" and "Baba O' Riley") and Neil Young ("Fuckin' Up" and "Rockin' in the Free World"), among others.

In other news, Michael Stipe joined Iggy Pop, Chuck D, Chrissy Hynde and Edwin Starr as contributors for the next Utah Saints as-yet untitled album, which is due in September.

The Ramones may have dubbed their last album Adios Amigos and played their final show on four years ago this Sunday, but the dysfunctional brothers have agreed to get together again this fall to record a song for the forthcoming thriller, Too Tough to Die, from first time director Ali Eckert. "We all met with the guy, and we're going to get together," said Joey Ramone. "We just haven't figured out where." Besides contributing a track, which is one of the leit motifs in the punk rock thriller, the band is also considering cameos. As for the rest of the cast, in addition to Vincent Gallo and Rosanna Arquette, Eckert has gotten agreements from Iggy Pop, Joe Strummer and Social Distortion's Mike Ness for cameos, and from Ice-T for a supporting role.As for the accompanying soundtrack, Eckert has managed to snare the Offspring, Bad Religion, Motorhead and Pearl Jam, "because Eddie Vedder is a good friend of Johnny Ramone," said Eckhert. Filming is expected to begin in November . . . Thanks, love.

Iggy and the band will rehearse (?) record something NEW in August -- thanks Gen! Virgin says no US dates planned as of yet. Rumors: Virgin will drop Iggy and CBS may pick him up.

Iggy will play the Stahlwerk in Dusseldorf, Germany, instead of Soundgarden in Duisburg Sept. 6th 2000. Tickethotline: 0211-37 30 70 Thanks Mentor, Vaxon, Martina, Stefan!

Gurtenfestival and Santirock pix; review by Gen of all 4 gigs: Pix from Gurtenfestival (main page -- pix on festivalzones > picturezone > click Iggy thumbnails at right.) Gurtenfestival was supposedly on Swiss radio and TV as well -- anybody record it? Pix and review from Santirock here. News from ultimate fan Gen: "I heard about that Mojo picture and I finally saw it (on your website)! That girl is called Nina and Iggy lives with her in Miami. I`ve seen her in Poland and also at the 4 festivals. So, yes, I`ve been to all the festivals this month! Set list was the same everywhere, except in Belgium they played Love Bone and Evil Garden and in Switserland they skipped Love Bone. In Bern you saw and heard that the band was tired and Iggy really went for it; he shouted "wake up" but once the band got going, he was satisfied. In Santiago he danced with 1 girl during Passenger (no crowd) and in Bern the security sucked like hell: Iggy even had to come down and stand in front of them and make them help the people come on stage!! In Glasgow it also took until the first lalala la lalala la before people were able to come on stage. Personally I liked the show in Santiago De Compostela the best. The venue was amazing and people went crazy over Iggy. It was dark, sand was blowing in the cool wind and the band was in top shape!" Gen, thanks so much for the review!

Iggy's T in the park set is up here; reviews of the gig here and here. Thanks and have a GREAT week, mentor!

Festival Week info : T in the Park Festival: Balado, near Kinross in Perthshire, Scotland. Go to mainstage for Iggy and scroll down band list. Hopefully Iggy's footage from Sunday will be there soon; you can HEAR (tape? rehearsal?)him playing in the background in Death in Vegas' interview: main stage Saturday.
Reviews here and here.

7.13.00: Santirock2000: Santiago de Postela, Spain. This website..well, good luck.

7.14.00: Midsummer Concert On the Beach: Zeebrugge, Belguim. Great pix of Iggy here -- you may have see thumbnails of these"blue" ones but thy are larger here and gorgeous; Axion coverage here. English translation: Welcome to the festival site of Radio 21. After Werchter, Color Coffee and last weekend, Dour, the next festival in the line of sight of the site of Radio 21 will be the Axion Beach Rock. We will be on line starting from Zeebruge, photographs, interviews and comments will be on line during all day July 15 2000.

7/15/00: Gurtenfestival: Bern, Switzerland. Have fun, all that can attend any of these gigs (especially Vaxon)! And bring your videocams and write down the setlists PLEASE No word on Iggy gigging in the US, but I'll post as soon as I hear, or check this page.

Iggy at T in the Park: Sunday July 9, 2000. See his set here: you may have to register here first (free). Sunday Schedule (GMT) 12.15 - 12.50 THE CLINT BOON EXPERIENCE, 13.20 - 14.00 BOOTLEG BEATLES, 14.30 - 15.15 LULU, 15.45 - 16.30 IDLEWILD, 17.00 - 18.00 IGGY POP, 18.30 - 19.30 SUPERGRASS, 20.00 - 21.00 MACY GRAY, 21.35 - 22.50 TRAVIS. Thanks, my little choirboy ;- )

Pix of Iggy at the beach here. Le chaud lapin, he he! Thanks for going out to get that Mojo, Vaxon!

Another gig in September: Friday 1st in Losheim, Germany: Rock am See Festival. Iggy is headliner for Friday.

Now isn't this interesting! The new bass player that played the Warsaw gig last month is Mooose Man from Body Count, from South Central LA! Pic here. Also had word that Eric said at the Warsaw show that there will only be 4 festival dates this summer in Europe: 9th July Scotland, 13th July Spain, 14th July Belgium, 15th July Switzerland. Thanks Gen! Do you all remember Ms. TV Eye that used to post here? Well I had the privelege of seeing her band Oscura at the Continental in NYC -- great band -- and what do I see on the wall but a great pic of Mr. Pop playing there in 93, will put it on my site soon. I hear that show was shut down, does anyone know the story?

Another concert date: Spain: Santirock2000 in Santiago de Postela July 13. New pix: Iggy et al at LA recording studio -- Ave B; Iggy in Warsaw for Torwar Theatre gig, May 23; new bass player -- all here. Iggy's Nov. 1999 Irving Plaza show WAS videotaped and also broadcast at Sonicnet Dec. 15th, 1999, it's not archived, but maybe if we begged they would: Ooops, it appears I jumped the gun about the release of the Irving Plaza gig, just the promo is out it seems; Live at the Ritz '86 WILL be released July 11, 1999 however...see tracks below.

I just got confirmation that a CD of the Irving Plaza gigs, Nov. 4-5, 1999 will be released in the states by King Biscuit Flower Hour Records on July 11. There is also a rumor that there is video of these shows.


Shakin' All Over
Lust for Life
Wild One
I Got A Right
Miss Argentina
Cold Metal

Also coming: rereleases of Soldier, New Values, and Party, all with bonus tracks, same release date (thanks, Vaxon). I have a pic of the new bass player that played the gig in Warsaw May 23, will put it up on my site soon, plus pix of Iggy, Don Was and the engineers at the LA studio making Ave B. No Iggy at Blayes-les-mines, France after all. My mentor/source and I have just celebrated a year together recently. What a gift you are, today and everyday!

Sunday May 14 8:40 PM ET MTV Rapped by UK TV Regulator for Bad Language LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's commercial television regulator reprimanded popular music channel MTV again on Monday, this time for airing two shows with bad language and unsuitable sexual content. The Independent Television Commission (ITC) ( upheld two complaints from its staff monitoring the MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony and a video request show, just seven months after fining the network $60,000 for plugging a sponsor on air. ``ITC noted several uses of strong, four-letter bad language,'' by Iggy Pop, Boyzone lead singer Shane, and Marilyn Manson on a live broadcast of the award ceremony aired in November, it said in its monthly report on complaints. MTV argued that it had vetted all performances in rehearsal, but said it was ``very difficult in a live show to control what artists say.'' ``The fact that Iggy Pop swore at the end of his performance was a complete surprise as he had not done so during rehearsal,'' the ITC report quoted MTV as saying. The ITC ruled that the network played videos by George Michael and Lenny Kravitz which contained sexual images that were unsuitable for daytime transmission. It also upheld two viewer complaints against Britain's Channel Four for showing an interview in which the lead singer of eighties band Doctor and the Medics swore at fellow band members. Thanks again love...

Iggy Pop's manager, Art Collins and guitarist Pete Marshall's long tenure with rock's most renowned wild child came in handy on Wednesday, May 24th, as the duo returned to New York from a Pop show in Warsaw. Midway through their flight, a woman made her way up the aisle towards their seats. "She was singing and ranting, and had this blank looking stare," Collins said. "Pete took one look at her and said, 'Bad acid trip.'" For the next hour the Polish crew ignored her, save putting extra personnel at each exit. The woman then grabbed a vodka bottle from the serving cart and swung it wildly toward the passengers and stews. Collins leaped up and attempted to relieve her of the Stoli. He and Marshall managed to get her to the back galley, but since there wasn't any rope on the flight, the quick thinking air warriors decided to use the demonstration seat belts to tie her up. The plane was met by Port Authority Police who took her into custody. Any advice for future air travel? "I'll never travel without duct tape," said Collins . . . (Rolling Stone)

Iggy played the Torwar Theatre last night and was interviewed by Polish Radio. Translated from Polish:

Iggy on drugs:
"Man, you either did them before and can't any more or you didn't take them before and are doing them now because you wanted to try it out . Either way it's still the same".

Iggy on his body:
"Do I like my body? Man I love it! And hers too (pointing to a person described as a beautiful, black woman who was in his company). The body is a base. If I had to pick a different form, I don't know... choosing between a potato and a hot dog, I would choose a hot dog. If you know what I mean."

A segment of a press conference here and two pix, here and here.
All credit for this goes to Greg from No Fun!

Iggy Retospective in NYC this weekend at the Cinema Classics Theatre, 332 East 11th St., New York City, Friday, May 26, and Saturday, May 27: Iggy Pop Live at the Ritz Includes a Dinah Shore interview with Iggy and David Bowie. Thanks Antonio, wish I COULD come! Love the flicks you have listed; I didn't know Jim "Dead Man" Jarmusch was there at the Irving Plaza show, but I saw Joey Ramone and the lead singer from the Black Crows.

Iggy's concert schedule keeps growing (thanks baby!) No US dates yet; He will NOT play The Doctors Festival in Spain, the Bizarre Festival in Germany or Dour in Belgium this year.

Parts of the Astoria gig are back online here, altho unfortunately in .mov format, thanks Gui.

Vaxon is back! Check his site for downloadable treats: Iggy and Francoise Hardy's "I'll Be Seeing You." and 4 songs from the rare Wild America EP. Still under construction, it will be the first Iggy fan site with Flash.

Iggy Pop & the Stooges photographic exhibition opened at the place where it all happened: THE SCALA, Kings Cross, London. From 3 May 2000 onwards.
Photographer Mick Rock will sign copies of his new book "Raw Power" there May 4. Order it here.

Saw Sessions: Rather dark room, somewhat muted sound, good video, '99 touring band backing him, app. 30 mins. Setlist: No Shit, Nazi, Wild One, Luxury, Lust, Passenger. Hopefully we'll see it archived here soon.

Iggy on Sessions at West 54th (local PBS affiliates) this weekend in the US. Check local listings here.