12.21.00: PETA, Chrissy and Iggy: According to Rolling Stone in Australia, Chrissy Hynde went to this PETA or some animal rights thing in LA with Eric. On stage she was ranting about animal rights, and when she sat down at his table again she said "I don't make out with meat-eaters and that's the only reason I haven't fucked your father!" You have to wonder how Eric responded to THAT! Thanks again, love!

12.7.00: Just got Rage Against The Machine's cover of "Down On The Street," from their new CD "Renegades." It also includes 2 versions of "Kick Out The Jams" and "In My Eyes" by DC homeboys Minor Threat. This is what Dave Marsh said about DOTS and the Stooges: Down on the Street, The Stooges "The Stooges classic second album, Funhouse, took what had been the world’s crudest band and, with the aid of producer Don Gallucci (who played piano on “Louie Louie”) turned it into one of the most influential groups in the world. Much of that has to do with the shrieking lead vocals of frontman Iggy Pop, but a lot is also due to the wah-wah guitar extravaganza Ron Asheton makes out of the bedrock riffs in songs like this, a desperately fierce (or is that fiercely desperate) cry from the heart of the Blank Generation, years before it had an identity or a name." Thanks, love...

12.1.00: Bowie Voted Biggest Influence in British Poll Story Filed: Monday, November 27, 2000 9:24 AM EST LONDON (Reuters) - Original ``glam rocker'' David Bowie has been crowned the musician's musician. Bowie beat the Beatles and alternative rockers Radiohead in a survey that asked hundreds of top rock and pop stars to name their biggest musical influence. The year long ``Under the Influence'' survey, conducted by British weekly New Musical Express, put 52-year-old Bowie ahead of an eclectic mix of groundbreaking rap, jazz, techno and rock artists. Bowie, who stretched rock music's boundaries in the 1970s with his hits ``Space Oddity,'' ``Changes'' and ``Suffragette City,'' has had his songs covered by many groups, including Nirvana and Oasis. Among the musicians who voted -- several of them stars in their own right -- were British groups Radiohead and Suede, Irish rockers U2 and U.S. artist Marilyn Manson. ``Today there seems to be a lack of icons and rock stars in general,'' said Manson. ``When I grew up, there was David Bowie and Iggy Pop -- people who had something to say and had quite an impact on music and society.'' Radiohead was second in the poll, while the Beatles -- still riding high around the world with their singles collection ``1'' -- was named the third most influential. U2 lead singer Bono voted for Radiohead, a group who were called ``The Pink Floyd of the 1990s.'' ``I saw the new Radiohead show and it was beautiful, so beautiful, perfect sound, beautiful songs...They've made some extraordinary music and they can do what they like,'' he said. The rest of the top 10 are: rap group Public Enemy, jazz great Miles Davis, German techno group Kraftwerk, punk pioneers the Sex Pistols, controversial rapper Eminem, singer-songwriter Nick Drake and moody alternative band The Smiths. Other big names on the list were Bob Dylan at number 16, Beck at 19 and Stevie Wonder, who was voted 11th most influential. ``I was brought up with a lot of Stevie Wonder,'' said Spice Girl Victoria ``Posh Spice'' Beckham. ``I think he's brilliant. I've always listened to him and I always will.'' The full list of the 20 most influential artists will be published by the NME Tuesday. The original "glam rocker' David Bowie has been crowned the musician's musician. Bowie beat the Beatles and alternative rockers Radiohead in a survey by Britain's New Musical Express that asked hundreds of top rock and pop stars to name their biggest musical influence. Bowie is seen during the Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards in New York July 24, 2000. (Brad Ricker by /Reuters)

11.22.00: Sounds like Rockaction will be at the Punk Magazine Reunion, Jan. 10th at CBGB's in NYC, but they're not getting too far with Ron or Iggy -- according to a guy from the zine. I hope to be there, and at the photo exhibition the day before as well.

11.18.00: Iggy and the Stooges have a segment in VH1's "100 Greatest artists of Hard Rock" (part 4, Stooges are #27) this and next week, and also "Cry Baby" on their "Movies that Rock." (Can tear-stained bad boy Johnny Dep find true happiness with a girl from the right side of the tracks?) As to the possible Iggy appearance at Punk Magazine's reunion gig at CBGB's in NYC January 10th, they said "Keep checking back."

11.2.00: Here is Annie Leibovitz' spectacular nude of Iggy in the Nov. 2000 All Music Issue of Vanity Fair.

Rage Against The Machine will release "Renegades" Dec. 5th, 2000. Track listings: 1.Microphone Fiend (Eric B & Rakim) 2.Pistol Grip Pump (Volume 10) 3.Kick Out the Jams (MC 5) 4.Renegades of Funk (Afrika Bambaataa) 5.Beautiful World (Devo) 6.I'm Housin' (EPMD) 7.In My Eyes (Minor Threat) (DC's homeboys) 8.How I Could Just Kill a Man (Cypress Hill) 9.The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen) 10.Down on the Street (The Stooges) 11.Street Fighting Man (Rolling Stones) 12.Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan) Individual reviews of each track by rock critic Dave Marsh here. Thanks as always, love. Om du var här...

10.28.00: More recent concert pix (Cologne 28.11.99, Zeebrugge 14.07.2000 and Berlin 02.09.00) from Tina here.

10.20.00: Iggy on At the Drive In's new CD, reviews: 1  2  3. New pic: Iggy in the studio with At The Drive In while recording "Rolodex Propaganda," from their new CD, "Relationship Of Command," 2000, here. Thanks, mentor, you...!

SNIPER - 'I WANNA BE YOUR DOG' (RECOGNITION): Released on: Mon 6 Nov 2000. After a lengthy time away, Sniper are back to follow up last year's great 'Crossfader Dominator' with a thrashy-guitar-meets-beats version of the Iggy Pop & The Stooges classic hit. It's a strong formula of the dance/rock crossover. Big, boss beats are overlaid by a hefty helping of clashing rock guitars, all fuelled by a howling, raw vocal. There's nothing slick and over-produced about this version. The sound here is very live and energetic. Hyper (Y3K) and Dylan Rhymes (Blue Black) both step in to give it the break beat dance floor treatment with good results. Thanks again, love...

BLOOD & MOOD: Bad Livers (Sugar Hill: Once upon a time they were a novelty act -- a trio of twisted Austin bluegrassers who took their name from punk band Bad Brains and spiked their demented sets with covers of Metallica, Misfits and Iggy Pop. Now down to a duo led by mutli-instrumentalist Danny Barnes, the Livers are no less twisted on their new disc Blood & Mood. But they are a helluva lot more original. Making a screeching, two-wheeled left turn from their previous work, Barnes and bassist Mark Rubin drive straight off the musical map and into a land of backwoods home-studio insanity, where songs are idiosyncratic, jerry-rigged musical contraptions built of old samples, looped drumbeats, acid-trip effects and brilliantly screwy lyrics like, "I'm burning things I find until you miss me." Part Beck, part Tom Waits and part Violent Femmes, Blood & Mood proves Bad Livers are no novelty act -- they're just novel. Track Listing: 1.Fist Magnet 02.I'm Losing 03.Little Bitty Town 04.Looky Here 05.Love Songs Suck 06.The Legend Of Sawdust Boogers 07.Death Trip 08.One More Night In A Hotel 09.New York City 10.Man Vs. Fate -2 Out Of 3 Falls, 10 Round Limit Thanks again today, baby...and every day!

10.04.00: More on the German tour from Gen.

"The best show I've seen on this tour is still the one in Berlin. Hamburg wasn't bad at all, Berlin stays my favorite. It felt like an explosion going off and it awoke me (I came into the venue at 9:30 that night; my flight had a delay of 3 hours and I was physically and emotionally gone!) I'm sending you the most interesting pictures.

At the last show in Stuttgart they played this new song "Ugliness" and I do like it very much. It sounds raw and Iggy was really into it. He sang something like "I'm trying to be a better person, but everyone says I'm worthless." I like this one even better than "Garden of Evil." In general the German crowd has been very responsive, but in Stuttgart, a very cold attitude. Iggy even screamed "Wake up!" NO people on stage during "Passenger" and Iggy didn't dive into the audience that night (if my memery serves me right.)" Thanks again, Gen, I have the pix and I'll get them up asap.

Thanks MWO for your additiions to my books page. I haven't ever heard of Iggy Pop - Imagini del Rock No.8, "written in castellano, many nice pictures including some from the film 'Atolladero.' "

9.23.00: Finally a bit of news filtering in from the gigs in Germany the first week of September.

From 'Die Welt', "A well respected (but conservative) German newspaper," Sept. 5, 2000: My thanks to Michael Woker (MWO), for the transaltion.

Stefan Krulle wrote:

Insolent like his glaring red open Latex Pants
Iggy Pop is not the elegant one

My grand uncle had his rules when decorating his christmas tree: 'Start at top', he said, 'than slowly and with care down to the bottom.' The first that I saw was overwhelming, the second seemed familiar and the third bored me. Twenty years later I had a Déjà-vu - just with Iggy Pop concert reviews. They all started worshiping the "Godfather of Punk", went down to his willful self mutilation on stage and tried to describe a foolish dancing musician. It took as many of these reviews as christmas trees in the past to bore me.

Than I heard my first record of these famous singer: 'Funhouse'. I could not believe it dated back to 1970. Three decades of rock history (maybe more) recorded in three studio days by a tiny man called James Osterberg. And two of these decades he had not seen back then.

Since then I am a regular at his concerts; also the one last sunday at the 'Große Freiheit' (Hamburg) was a pleasure. Not forgetting that Iggy went the easy way. One year ago his album "Avenue B" came out and the 'Rebel without a Cause' seemed developed or mutated or shrinked to a nearly elegant depressive Singer & Songwriter. It took long till I learned to love this album. Now I hoped to hear it live and unfiltered. That did not happen. Iggy shouted "Raw Power" to me and everyone else, followed by "Shakin'all over", older than me , "I wanna be Your Dog" and Van Morrisons "Gloria", and "Home" and "Lust for Life" and "The Passenger".

So beautiful you could cry. No mixing console magician grinded Iggy's sound, no one forbid him to behave as his open glaring red latex pants and to try the intercourse with his Marshall-Amps. Iggy slammed himself into the audience and licked girls faces and spit in mans beer. His band made an inferno out of every chord.

Eventually a guy who is not popular for disgusting divorce catastrophes like so many other. Instead this 53 year old turns the rock world upside down and slaps his depressions in the face of Rock'n'Roll. If Iggy would be on heavy rotation at MTV and Viva, we could dream on of the revolution. Each night and even each day, damn it.
The original review (in German) here.

Michael Woker re the show in Berlin: " This Saturday Iggy played in Berlin, Columbia Hall. After three support acts (Harmful, Michael Monroe, who did a real cool show and Killer Barbies) he opened with espan~ol. What followed was his standard set. Some songs of Ave. B (Shakin' all over, Corruption, none of the slow ones), Home, Cold Metal, LFL & Passenger and many Stooges classics. Closing tune as usual Louie Louie. Also a new one: Starting with 'I've got no work ...' and a refrain spelling 'I am L-O-S-T lost' . But to be honest this song was no highlight. All in all I'm sorry to say, that I saw many much better concerts by Iggy. Tonight he will play Hamburg. Last year Hamburg was fantastic and the best out of the three I saw in 99. "

Michael re the Hamburg show.: "I'm just back from Iggy's Hamburg concert. This one was a killer. He was in best shape and did a great show. The setlist and all was very similar to Berlin. Only difference it was incomparable better. And he didn't do the new L-O-S-T song. By the way, his latino girlfriend is traveling with him. She sat at the side of the stage during the whole show."

Gina X re the Berlin show: "I was so delighted and fired up and in gear and on fire for rock'n roll and everything connected and my old influenced vibes of Iggy (solo) and The Stooges got back to life again :) This man has so much power and boy is he in shape! His band has got its things together and looks cool. Actually the axemen have got a cool style, they both remind me on Dave Mustaine of Megadeth (cool). The setlist was actually a great inspiring flavour to me! It's quite interesting how different some poeple view a concert, so, I must say, never rely too much on magazines and what they write, go and watch the shows yourself and don't believe everything...I am sorry Michael, I don't agree with your view but respect your opinion. So, anyway, I am to say IGGY RULEZ!!! He kicks younger wanna be's in the butt and he does it really good. Btw: I think Micheal Monroe suck really bad and took the wrong drugs...his way of dancing around showed how much of an Iggy fan he is but, why would he copy the headliner as a support when the headliner is the real deal?? Micheal monroe should grow up, fire his band and clean up his act and come back and forget about the old days. Killer Barbies have everything a good band needs, the look, the stage act, exept good songs. Not understandable why they get hyped with absolutely no quality songs. Hey, here I am , my name is Gina and i say things with raw power and I love cold metal and everything will be alrite tonight. Hope to find out new and hot stuff about the IGGY! WHATTA GUY :):):) "(Originally from E-Group's Iggy Pop board) Then more from her below.

"Mooseman is a giant, a guy you would not expext in a white trash rock-punk band, yeah, he is doing a great job. He is like not trying to act really tuff he is tuff, he is pretty loose and relaxed and plays an awesome bass. The fun thing was, when Iggy threw his mike stand once in a while, Mooseman just hold up his leg really cool, so he doesn't get hurt. It's a great mixture and they are all great musicians and play together real well. I had a fantastic evening." Thanks again, Gina!

A little from Gen who attended all four shows in Germany, talked to the band, went to soundcheck as well, AGAIN, lucky girl!:
" They start recording the new album in October, should be released around Spring."