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12/28/01: Those of you in the USA can warm up for New year's Eve with VH1's Behind The Music: Iggy Pop.

Have you seen the new FTD (flowers and gifts for every occasion) commercial on US TV? Iggy's "Wild One" is playing in the background. Nice silver disco ball :-) Didn't catch last years Apple Computers ad -- "Rip! Mix! Burn!" , it's here. The '96 Nike ad? Look here.

From the Aussie radio show in September 2001.
Triple J | Iggy Pop J-File: "Candy"

Triple J | Iggy Pop J-File: Iggy's Hi-Five

Triple J | Iggy Pop J-File: Producers

Triple J | Iggy Pop J-File: the ROAR Tour

Triple J | Iggy Pop J-File: New Values album

Triple J | Iggy Pop J-File: The Iguanas

Triple J | Iggy Pop J-File: Tribute Album

Dirt has the WHOLE show for trade only at:

Happy Holidays all, more soon.

11/26/01: "Death Is Certain" from Beat Em Up on NBC's Crossing Jordan tonight; 10pm ET, 9pm Central.

Crossing Jordan
Digger, Conclusion
60 min.
An exciting second half finds Jordan (Jill Hennessy) closing in on the serial killer while becoming attracted to---and suddenly frightened of---Haley (Chris Noth).

Clues from a fire enable the coroner and the profiler to discover pertinent facts concerning the digger's childhood and a secret about his birth. When Haley clashes with Adam Flynn (Shawn Christian), the reporter checks him out. After Flynn tells Jordan his findings, she discovers something disturbing in Haley's hotel room. Back at the morgue, Macy (Miguel Ferrer) faces mounting problems, including Nigel's solution to his deportation quandary. Daniel: Richard Steinmetz. Jennine Gallow: Barbara Tarbuck.

1/16/01: New reviews of the US Fall Tour here.

Iggy and Microsoft:

For Musicians, Microsoft's Xbox Is No Jackpot

New York Times

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14 — Tomorrow the Xbox, the new video-game console from Microsoft, arrives in stores on the heels of a $500 million marketing blitz. But it doesn't seem as if much of that money is going to the thousands of musicians who have provided the company with songs to use in the games that will be played on it.

Though a band can typically make $10,000 to $20,000 when a song is included in a video game, Microsoft has been asking musicians to contribute their music to video games for pennies — and in some cases no money at all, with no upfront fee and no royalties on the back end. Musicians, from small, independent punk bands to major-label artists, have been accepting this deal, hoping for the promotional boost that comes with being heard in a game that is played obsessively by teenagers across the country.

Joining a band is not a lucrative career choice for most musicians. Many who are signed to major labels spend their careers in debt to those record companies, trying to earn back advances and expenses. But the increasing use of contemporary songs in movies, video games and advertisements has meant an unexpected windfall for lesser-known and midlevel artists.

Microsoft, however, is changing that dynamic. "I asked if we could get any money, and they just said no," said Larry Cooper, who runs Revelation Records, a punk, metal and hardcore label that has several songs on the soundtrack to Amped, a snowboarding game. "I almost thought that out of principle, if there's no payment, we shouldn't do that kind of stuff. But I didn't want to snip out an opportunity for a band that might want to do that kind of promotion." Of the bands Mr. Cooper asked, all but one agreed to provide free music to Microsoft.

"I think they were just looking for cheap music, and that's why they called a lot of small labels," Mr. Cooper continued. "I asked them who else was on the soundtrack and made some suggestions, but they said they wanted to stick with certain labels because they didn't have to pay for licensing."

Brenner Adams, a product planner on Amped, said that on his game Microsoft was looking not for cheap music but for an opportunity to expose as many small underground bands as possible. Under Microsoft policy the interview with Mr. Adams was conducted with a company publicist on the line, taking notes on the conversation.

"We're not saying, `Hey, we want to use your music for nothing,' " Mr. Adams said. "We said, `Hey, we really want to promote these artists and promote who they are and what they stand for.' "

Though Microsoft didn't give any money to musicians on such independent labels, it did offer small amounts to bands on major labels. It made a deal with Virgin Records, obtaining songs from acts like the Gorillaz, Iggy Pop, the Chemical Brothers and Timbaland & Magoo by paying "small fees and publishing," said Brad Fox, the director of artist development at Virgin. The amount of course remains a big contrast to the millions of dollars that Microsoft is believed to have paid to use Madonna's "Ray of Light" in its 60-second Windows XP advertisement.

"We're looking at this as a marketing exercise," Mr. Fox said. "There's no way I could get 10 to 15 different artists in somebody's house in front of an active consumer audience for 20 hours a week. If I could get 20 percent of those kids to go buy a record, that's great."

But the Xbox isn't like other systems, nor are these deals like other deals. Many record labels are operating on the faith that Microsoft will make efforts to promote their bands. Mr. Fox said he hoped that the Virgin artists used in the games would be mentioned in Xbox promotional material, game catalogs and game boxes.

But a trip to the Xbox Web site showed that the artists on games like Amped were not mentioned on the box or promotional poster shown online, nor were the bands on any game highlighted in any special way on the Web site. Other promotional efforts, however, have been made: there was a link at the site to a radio station playing music from Amped, and at a recent Xbox promotional party in Los Angeles Microsoft gave away a CD with music from Amped.

Mr. Adams noted that most of the cash deals were made with better- known bands that don't need the publicity as much. "So," he said, "why not turn the decision around, bring the smaller guys up and give them the promotion they can't get anywhere else?" He said that music from some 240 artists was used on Amped, that in the game the names of the record labels are shown on banners and that players had the option of seeing names of the bands, songs and record labels. He added that the company hoped to stage more promotions with the music.

But there is no guarantee that gamers will hear much if any of the music of these bands. That is because in a feature unique to the Xbox consumers have the option of wiping out the soundtrack to a game and replacing it with music from their own CD's.

Originally music executives were less worried about artists not getting paid than about the potential for Xbox to become a new Napster, since it has a large hard drive and online capabilities. But in a statement prepared for this article Microsoft said that though music could be stored on the hard drive, it could not be copied on "CD's, MP3's or any other devices."

Other executives in the music publishing business now worry that video game manufacturers and even advertising agencies will follow Microsoft's lead and tell bands that in exchange for use of their music at no cost, an extra effort will be made to promote the groups in products and commercials. As it is, artists sacrifice a lot of money and time at the altar of promotion, taking on costly and inconvenient tasks gratis, like performing concerts promoted by radio stations. So, some wonder, in a field in which just about anything musicians do can be seen as raising their profiles, where is the line between promotional and paid work?

Jeff Koz, the chief executive of SubZero, a company that brokers deals between advertisers and musicians, said, "We believe that people should be paid for what they do." Mr. Koz has worked with Microsoft on music and sound design.

He added, however, that there was a give-and-take between payment and promotion, and lesser-known artists were often given somewhat lower fees in exchange for what could be career-enhancing exposure. "There's value to cross-promotion," he said, "and we're not privy to how those Microsoft deals went down. Some of those bands might see it as a tremendous opportunity."

11/05/01: What a great weekend! Saw Iggy and the boys in Towson, MD (Hi Amy) and in DC. While i recover and write a personal review, here's the Washington Post rave:

Gettin' Iggy Wit It: At 54, Pop Still Packs a Punch

By David Segal
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 5, 2001

The mystery of Iggy Pop's career has now exceeded the limits of artistic explanation and become a puzzle that only medical science can solve. How is this guy alive? For years he was rolling around in glass, smearing his body with hamburger and cramming any vein he could jab with every drug he could find. Either he's struck a deal with Satan or shooting heroin and smashing chairs over your head -- once two of the Popster's favorite pastimes -- aren't as punishing as you'd think.

Either way, on Friday night at the 9:30 club, Iggy was the punk that time forgot, a sinewy wisp every bit as buff and body-hairless at 54 as when he began making soiled, anarchic rock in the late '60s. He can still whirl around a stage at speeds that seem accelerated through trick photography. He still has one of music's most versatile spines, which he keeps crooked at angles that should have given him a nasty case of scoliosis two decades ago. His voice is still a distinctive howling bludgeon.

And that's why a Pop concert these days is a cause for joy, even if you don't give a toot about rock at its mostaggressive. Touring to support his latest album, "Beat Em Up," the man is demonstrating the spectacular resilience of the human body. Worried about anthrax? Ha! Iggy Pop will see your anthrax and raise you a plague. He could sprinkle dioxin on his Wheaties and jog to Spain.

He's done everything, and that includes enough to lay plausible claim to the title "inventor of punk rock." It was Iggy -- originally a mild-mannered lad named James Newell Osterburg of Ypsilanti, Mich. -- along with his backup band, the Stooges, who way back in 1967 strapped together a few over-amplified guitar chords and proved the power of rock at its rawest and least disciplined.

A sentiment like "I Wanna Be Your Dog" might have seemed artless compared with anything that came out of the Brill Building, but its bluntness proved irresistible to fans and future disciples. And it was Iggy who came up with idea that you don't entertain an audience, you confront it, taunt it and give off the distinct impression that it's about to witness something very dangerous.

The slight possibility of head trauma still hangs over a Pop show, but on Friday night, the chaos felt a little scripted. When Iggy first leapt into the audience, there were a few stagehands nearby to fish him out of the crowd's clutches; it felt like a well-rehearsed moment of pandemonium. Shirtless to begin with, Pop emerged from the mob with his jeans pulled about halfway down his rear end, which briefly made a bad case of plumber's butt seem cool.

Nearly half of the show highlighted tracks from "Beat Em Up," a fiery little headlock of an album that Pop has described as music for a biker bar. Guitarist Whitey Kirst, who co-wrote most of "Beat Em Up," was the musical center of this show. His sound, live and on the album, owes plenty to guys like Ted Nugent as well as to bands like Slipknot, the thrash-metal goons who play in numbered costumes and who are one of the few new acts that Iggy will admit to enjoying. It's a guitar tone with a manufactured brassiness to it, one that manages to sound both violent and tacky at the same time.

There was plenty of Stooges-era music, including "Raw Power" and "No Fun," but the night's highlight came from Iggy's solo years: a searing version of "The Passenger," from 1977's "Lust for Life." During the song's opening riff, Pop double-dared the crowd to take over the stage, and within moments a couple of dozen fans were chipping into the "la la la la" of the song's chorus.

To Iggy's credit as no-frills vocalist, it was hard to tell when the kids had commandeered the microphone and when it was back in professional hands.

Inexplicably, Pop performed without ever having a spotlight on him, a bizarre choice -- either his or the 9:30 club's -- that seems out of character for an exhibitionist.

That made it harder to see Iggy's patent-pending catalogue of stage moves: standing like a freshly crucified corpse, kneeling and pounding his head with the microphone, spinning like Baryshnikov on acid. It probably made it harder to find his black boots when they were stripped off his feet during his final lunge into the audience during the encore, "L.O.S.T.," one of "Beat Em Up's" finest numbers.

"I'm going to miss those black boots," he said, just before they were found.

10/31/01: Special to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a review of the St. Louis show. THANKS Barney!

10/29/01: I've put together a new page for the feedback I'm getting form the fall US tour supporting "Beat Em Up." Newpaper arlicles, previews, reviews, setlists -- all together here.

Iggy Pop launches two-month tour

Godfather of punk Iggy Pop starts a two-month tour today (10/18), staying mainly below the Mason-Dixon line for the month of October and heading north in November. The 54-year-old alumnus of the Stooges, born James Newell Osterberg, is touring in support of his recent album, "Beat 'Em Up" (Virgin), released in July. Pop co-wrote the album's 15 songs with guitarist Whitey Kirst; some songs have input from other members of Pop's band. The album is dedicated to its bassist, Lloyd "Mooseman" Roberts, a onetime member of Ice-T's band Body Count, who was killed in a drive-by shooting after the album was recorded. The official "Beat 'Em Up" website features an audio stream of the album's first track, "Mask."

Marc Weidenbaum
Editorial Director, Music, citysearch.com
OCT. 18, 5:12 P.M. ET

10/18/01: 40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia. Sold out show.
Setlist (as far as F (thanks) can recall):

Beat 'em Up
Drink New Blood
Search and Destroy
Death is Certain
Now I Wanna be your dog
The Passenger
I Got a Right
Real Wild Child
Death Trip
Cold Metal
Raw Power
TV Eye
No Fun

10/19/01: Cat's Cradle, Carboro, North Carolina. 9:30pm (sold out show):

10/28/01: Earthlink Live Center, Atlanta, Georgia. 7pm.
Featured Artist, Earthlink Live website.

10/10/01: Current tour dates as follows, those with ? tentative, but the NYC gigs WILL be the last.

10/18/01:       40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia. 9pm.
10/19/01:       Cat's Cradle, Carboro, North Carolina. 9:30pm.
10/20/01:       The Music Farm, Charleston, South Carolina. 10pm.
10/23/01:       New Daisy Theater, Memphis, Tennesse. 7pm.
10/24/01:       The Pageant, St. Louis, Missouri. 8pm.
10/25/01:       Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri. 7:30pm.
10/27/01:       Five Points Music Hall, Birmingham, Alabama.
10/28/01:       Earthlink Live Center, Atlanta, Georgia. 7pm.
10/29/01:       Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, North Carolina. 8pm.
10/31/01:       The Norva, Norfolk, Virginia. 8pm.
11/01/01:       The Recher Theatre, Towson, Maryland. 7pm.
11/02/01:       The 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C. 11pm.
11/04/01:       M (Metropol), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 7pm.
11/06/01:       Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 8pm.
11/08/01:       Toad's Place, New Haven, Connecticut. 7:30pm.
11/09/01:       The Avalon, Boston, Massachusetts. 7pm.
11/10/01:       Lupo's, Providence, Rhode Island. 8pm.
11/12/01:       Irving Plaza, NY, NY! 8pm.
11/13/01:       Irving Plaza, NY, NY! 8pm.

8 video interview files.

Iggy quits acting.

Mary Ann Hobbs interview with Iggy in June for the BBC.

Addicted to Noise review of "Beat 'Em Up."

Pix fom the Swiss festival, Avenches, 8/16.

9/23/01: New US tour dates:

11/01/01:       The Recher Theatre, Towson, Maryland
11/02/01:       The 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C. Late show, time TBA.
11/06/01:       Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 8pm.
11/09/01:       The Avalon, Boston, Massachusetts.
11/10/01:       Lupo's, Providence, Rhode Island. 8pm.

Iggy interviewed by the BBC after the Kerrang Awards:

Iggy presenting a Comet Award to the Finnish band, HIM. Listen carefully to the lead vocalist's acceptance speech, I didn't catch it the first time (thanks love); obviously he's a big Iggy fan, in fact, was seen at festivals this summer in a long coat with "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" written on the back of it.

Yet another review of "Beat Em Up." There is a clue in it if you didn't catch the content of HIM's speech.

9/05/01: Comet, Kerrang; Leeds webcast, new pix and possible US tour cities...

Iggy presented an award at the German Comet awards to the band "Him." It was webcast here and may be archived soon. I can't tell what the award was for exactly since he spoke in German.

Tina's pix from the Hurricane and Bizarre Festivals.

Video of Iggy's entire set at Reading last Friday:

Review and pix of Leeds festival. Another review.

Article about The Kerrang Awards, London last Tuesday. To be broadcast on Channel 5 in Sept. (Thanks Donald.)

Iggy may play Washington, D.C., NYC, and Boston on his upcoming US tour starting Oct. 18th, running till the end of November.

Thanks love...

8/27/01: Iggy Pop received Kerrang Magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award last week.(UK)
Iggy was in attendance at next week's Kerrang Awards in London to receive their Lifetime Achievement Award. He also presened an award. The show was broadcast on national terrestrial TV in the UK.

BBC interview.

French MCM interviews -- I had a serious buffering problem with these and they are in French as well. Had no luck getting the main stage at Reading, bandwidth problem I guess, altho I'm glad some of you got to see it.

Thanks love

8/25/01: Here we go again! US Tour dates!

Tuesday, 10/23/01
Memphis, TN

Friday, 10/19/01
Carboro, North Carolina

Thanks love!

8/23/01: US tour dates: Iggy will be doing another US tour starting October 18th through the end of November. Though nothing is set in stone, Memphis, St. Louis, Mississippi, and Kansas (?!) were mentioned. I'll post them as soon as I know for sure here.

Iggy this weekend:

READING 2001 (festival webcast!)
24 - 26 August, 2001
Webcast here. Click on "full on e4.com" link

Line-Up - Friday 24 August
Main Stage

PJ Harvey
Iggy Pop
Lofidelity Allstars
The Living End
The Donnas
Leeds 2001
24 - 26 August, 2001
Temple Newsam Park

Line-Up - Saturday 25 August

Main Stage

PJ Harvey
Iggy Pop
Lofidelity Allstars
The Living End
The Donnas
Gig On The Green
25 - 26 August, Glasgow Green.
Scotland's Reading

Sunday 26 August

Main Stage

Green Day
Iggy Pop
King Adora
American Hi-Fi
Cosmic Rough Riders

Dirt has new boots of the 2001 tour FOR TRADE here.

Thanks Gen.
Thanks love, hope to see you soon on the front line.

8/19/01: New Beat 'Em Up CD reviews: The Washington Post, "Rock Visionaries Return To Form" and Virgin Megastore here. New interview here, Iggy plans US tour in October.

New book release: Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey by Bebe Buell, Victor Bockris (Contributor) Bebe Buell: Her Backstage Passes. Famous paramour of the seventie's idols, including Iggy; read more here.

8/15/01: Iggy's on the road again this week in Europe:

8/16/01:         Rock Oz´Arenes Festival, Avenches, Switzerland. Grande Scene.
8/17/01:         The Comet Music Awards, Cologne, Germany. Iggy presents an award.
8/18/01:         Alive Festival, St Vith, Belgium. Midnight.
8/19/01:         Bizarre Festival, Airport Weeze, County Kleve, Germany. 18:00.
8/21/01:         Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark. 20:00.
8/24/01:         Reading Festival, Reading, UK.
8/25/01:         Leeds Festival,  Leeds, UK.
8/26/01:         Gig on the Green, Glasglow Green, Scotland.

Bebe Buell's new book, 'Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey,' St. Martin's Press, is about the many liaisons she recalls with rock and movie stars, including Iggy Pop, and is with loaded pictures to prove it, per the NY Times.

Many new 2001 performances have been added to Dirt's Iggy Pop Tradelist, also rare shows from past years.

7/18/01: Lots of NEWS!

1. Per Nilsen, author of the "The Wild One" '88, is looking for more
info about the '73-74 era. Write me and I'll pass it on.

2. Iggy's requests for the Gig on the Green show next month: dwarves?
CORRECTED: 'I'll Have Seven Dwarves,' Says Iggy Pop
(eliminating reference to Cinderella in fourth paragraph)
EDINBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - American rocker Iggy Pop has
astonished organizers of a forthcoming Scottish gig with a bizarre
list of backstage demands, including seven dwarves, The New York
Times and broccoli, according to a report.
However, the Daily Record reported on Tuesday that the former Stooges
frontman only wanted the vegetable so he could throw it in the bin --
because he hates it.
Instead, Pop, whose real name is James Jewel Osterberg, will stave
off the hunger pangs with enormous pizzas and slake his thirst with
ginger beer or good red wine.
The paper did not say why Pop wanted the dwarves.
Punk pioneer Pop, whose latest album 'Beat 'Em Up' is due out this
month, also expressed a preference for American Spirit cigarettes --
even though he doesn't smoke.
``They're made of organic tobacco, with no additives. That must be
really good for you. In fact, I'm going to take up smoking on health
grounds,'' the newspaper quoted him as saying.
Employees at Regular Music, the company organizing the Gig on the
Green concert in Glasgow at the end of August, are taking it all in
their stride.
``We all had a good laugh when we saw Iggy's demands. It's hilarious.
Getting hold of seven dwarves isn't exactly a tall order, but it
won't be easy,'' a Regular insider told the paper.

3. New Mick Rock book: RS: Wednesday July 11 09:35 PM EDT

Ziggy Turns 30 With New Book
Coinciding with the upcoming thirtieth anniversary of David Bowie's
landmark 1972 album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the
Spiders From Mars, will be a limited-edition autographed picture book
compiled by Bowie and photographer Mick Rock.
Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust will be
available by June 2002 through England's Genesis Publishing. The
2,500 copies will feature text from Bowie and Rock along with a
velvet goldmine of many rare and previously unseen photos of Bowie
performing, applying makeup and posing alongside other Seventies
icons like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Mott the Hoople. Pictures of Ziggy
memorabilia -- including handwritten lyrics and magazine and record
covers -- will also grace the pages of Moonage Daydream.
While book orders are not being taken at this time, fans are being
offered the chance to order a copy pre-publication at a special
price -- roughly $345-$445 per copy -- along with receiving regular
updates by joining the advance mailing list on the Genesis Web site
Also in the works for Bowie is an Internet radio station for kids
called "Kick Out the Jammies" (KOTJ). His BowieNet Web site
(www.davidbowie.com) will launch the station, which boasts a
collection of children's music handpicked by him and members of his
online community.
"It was fairly inevitable, I suppose," says Bowie on the inspiration
behind his third Internet radio station. "I was putting together
tapes to play while [baby daughter] Alex took a bath or had
breakfast . . . and it occurred to me that it would be a nice thing
to put together a station's worth of stuff for kids."
And, unlike the other two stations Bowie launched this year, KOTJ
will be available to non-BowieNet members as well.

4. Iggy on PBS Chronicle:
Rock & Roll
(#107) "The Wild Side"
(PBS) Public Broadcasting Service (USA)
Friday - July 20, 2001
09:00 pm - 10:00 pm ET

Featured Artists
David Bowie, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Kiss, Ray Manzarek, Iggy
Pop, Lou Reed, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Velvet Underground

About: (#107) "The Wild Side"
This program travels through the rock and roll theatrics of the 70s,
when bands like the Velvet Underground, the Doors and David
Bowie brought the decadent dramas of life in the underground into
the limelight. The episode walks on the darker side of the street in
Los Angeles, New York, Detroit and Berlin with the Doors' Ray
Manzarek and producer Paul Rothchild, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, David
Bowie, Alice Cooper, and Kiss' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

5. New "Beat Em Up" CD reveiws page at my site:

6. Iggy will be on the David Letterman Show August 2, 2001. Thanks
Gui, you vicious bastard and friend

7. The Q interview, thanks Vader!
August 2001 ediition of Q magazine.
The Section is called "Famous Last Words" and basically each week, a
different music guest gets asked this same set of questions...

Q; How the devil are you?
Iggy: Rather well,slightly bearded, nicked in various places, happily
slopping around with my little band of trolls - and less happily
interfacing with my humoungous, soulless record company.

Q: What was the first gig you ever went to?
A: Harry Belafonte in 1961,when I was 14. (chuckles) If you want
something cooler - The Rolling Stones. When I was 18 I was a driver
for thier crew van when they played Detroit. All my girlfriends from
High School were screaming and crying, andIi thought, Hmm. I watched
untill the last number and then I had to run out at top speed while
teenage girls tried to jump 'em.

Q:What were you like at school?
A: A smart-arse, intellectually. One of those kids who got A's until
i was about 13, but then began to figure out that life after school
was going to be continuous misery of the same type. At 13 i played
drums in a talent show at school and i got a different brand of
attention. So I thought, let's pay more attention to this, and less
to physics. I was not a young savage, but I admired young savages. I
was semi-geeky, I wasn't the biggest geek in school but I liked the
geek too. Geeks are cool.

Q: If you werent a rock star, what would you be?
A: Some sort of academic, probably - languages or maybe soem sort of
study of turtle habits. I like the sea, so I might be studying algae
growth in mediterranean zones.

Q:What's your most treasured possesion?
A: My house in mexico and second would be my cherry red 1968 cadillac
DeVille convertible.

Q: What's the worse record you've ever made?
A: (Laughs for ages) Well, let's see. Theres an EP called Jesus loves
the Stooges. Its rather obscure. Its even more tuneless than some of
my efforts. Probably as a whole album, It would be one called Party.
The title was a poor choice of word to apply to my output.

Q:When did you last cry and why?
A: My bass player - Lloyd "Mooseman" Roberts, late of Body Count -
was shot and murdered a couple of months ago. He was my newest band
member. When Iheard about that I got teary several times.

Q: What's your poison?
A: Double Expresso. I like Orangina too. It helps me articulate.

Q: Pick five words to describe yourself.
A: Selfish, moody, empathetic, impulsive and withdrawn.

Q:What's in your pockets right now?
A: There's absolutely nothing in my pockets right now, Darling. I
generally don't carry money - I go royal half the time and I dont
carry money, but other timesIi go natural like a regular Joe and
carry the money.

Q:Who was the last person you punched?
A: I punched back at a very large biker in a knuckle glove who had
been throwing raw eggs at me on stage, it must have been 25 years
ago . Oh yeah, he was big, I wouldnt punch a little guy, y'know?

Q: What was the last record you bought?
A: Fuck, what did I just buy? I bought Metallica's Garage Days
because I was making my own record and needed to check relative sound
levels. The only thing I would go out and spend my money on would be
something like RL Burnside.

Q:What are you most likely to complain about in a hotel?
A: Room service - maids too intrusive, bed too shitty. The operative
phrase is, This place is a dump, I always end up saying that wherever
I stay, the Ritz, wherever.

Q: What characteristics do you think you've inherited from your
A: From my mother, an almost compulsive need to find harmony with
other people in the intercourse of daily life. From my father,
stubbornness and an absolute determination that no-one is going to
tell me what the fuck to do. I'm a pitcher not a catcher.

Q:What's your most unpleasant characteristic?
A: My paranoia.

Q: What's your culinary speciality?
A: I did a good steak frites. Yes it is fairly easy, but everything i
do is fairly easy. I do four dishes - steak frites, royal salmon,
bacon and eggs and a spaghetti aioli.

Q:What's your greatest fear?
A: Probably having to deal with loads of people. It can be so
draining and one finds a small taste of it not always so pleasant.
The coolest thing is not to have to deal with shit.

Q: What music would you have played at your funeral?
A: New Orleans funeral music can be real good or theres a guy, Othar
Turner, who does Mississippi fife and drum military music. He's in
his 90's and hes one of the last people who does it real well.

Q: What's the greatest film ever made?
A: I was a big fan of films done in the '60's in France - like ( Jean-
Luc Godards) le Mepris, which means contempt. And some of Truffaut's
stuff - it had humanity. I dont go to the Cinema much now, because
you dont often take too much away with you these days.

Q: Can you recite a line of poetry?
A: Once upon a midnight dreary/As I pondered weak and weary. It's The
Raven by Poe. I cant remember the rest.

Q: Have you ever been arrested?
A: Oh yeah, a lot of times. But I'm now very respectable y'know? All
my arrests were so long ago I'm off the computer records now.
Disorderly person, inciting a riot, indecent exposure D&D - drunk and
disorderly, DUI - driving under the influence, shoplifting.
But that was all 25 years ago.

Q: What turns you on?
A: real smile. A sincere smile of either gender. When someone is
happy toward me.

Q: Happiness is...I just said that!

Q: Where are you off to now?
Phoenix, Arizona. I'm flying there to do a gig. I'm really excited
because I'm doing a lot of new songs and my little troll band really
wants to play and I feel good about the people around me. I'm a
little nervous because no-ones heard the new stuff yet.

8. Take a Virtual Tour of the Stooges's era Ann Arbor here:

And his interview with Ron Asheton tonight at 10pm-12MN EST on WCBN-

Hope that live feed from WCBN-FM gets fixed, John.
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Review (French):

Re: Iggy, Ziggy and Mick:

Iggy will present an award at the Viva TV Comet Music Awards, August
17th, in Cologne, Germany. Tickets on sale exclusively: VIVA-

Thanks again you...you... :-)
and thanks to Tina from Germany.

6/30/01: Video of "Mask." Slow modem. Fast modem. Video of "Howl" from Canal Plus: Thanks Gui and Vaxon. Sitting down? Virgin updates it's Iggy site, it's, ...uh, interactive.

6/27/01: Beat Em Up: Rolling Stone Review:

The battle plan behind Iggy Pop's latest couldn't be simpler or more obvious even if it was one of those one-sentence plot descriptions Hollywood agents use to sell movie concepts: After releasing Avenue B, Iggy's impersonation of one of those darkly dignified but largely inconsequential recent Lou Reed albums, the punk godfather bounces back with his loudest, most adolescent and downright unwholesome album since the Stooges imploded nearly thirty years ago. These qualities suit not only the man but the times: On "Mask," an unrelentingly nasty and stupid riff scrapes at your skull as Iggy sings about the unreality of daily life and then screams, "Where is the love?!" During the course of seventy-plus minutes, Beat 'Em Up overstates its point, as the tracks live up to their titles - "The Jerk," "Ugliness," "It's All Sh*t." In a world without whining neo-metal bands, this record would be a godsend. Instead, it's merely a master's reclaiming of what some money-hungry chumps have devalued.
(RS 873 - July 19, 2001)

Available today! Interview with Iggy on the Jonathan Ross Show, June 23, 2001, BBC.

Hultsfred reviews (in Swedish, altho Iggy's comments are in, er, American);
1  2  3
Iggy at Hultsfred (pix):

GREAT picture of Iggy at the Southside Festival:
Even more here: (thanks Martina!)

German reviews of Beat Em Up (in German):
1  2  3

Iggy did a Viva2 interview Thursday, June 21st: Talked about the "Beat Em Up"songs,
his cadillac, women, the history of "Louie Louie", Guns N´Roses, Mooseman,
Whitey Kirst and many other topics.

Iggy was on the German TV: The Harald Schmidt Show, Friday, June 22, 2001 at 2315:

German review of "secret" gig at Soundgarten, Dortmund, Germany, Thursday June 21st.(in German)


Beat ´Em Up
Raw Power
Search & Destroy
Real Wild Child
I Wanna Be Your Dog

*Dotmusic review of Beat Em Up:

Remember that part of one of the '99 Astoria gigs is now available on Virtue TV:

Thanks as always, love...

6/24/01: Great picture of Iggy at the Southside Festival, my favorite of the current tour so far.

6/19/01: Hultsfred reviews (in Swedish) A few pix. 2  3  Sounds like the crowd was very wild at that show.

Iggy will be on the UK TV show, the Priory, Channel 4 at 1800
tonight. Interview, sans band.

He'll also be rebroadcast on Virtue TV today: The '99 Concert at the
Astoria, London.

He'll also do a getmusic.com interview later this summer:
(not sure this link will work)

Oh yes and Ron Asheton's interview with John Griffin on WCBN-FM, Ann
Arbor has been rescheduled for July 18th.

BUT you will be able to see Ron with J and the Fog 6/19 at the House
of Blues website. 3pm EDT

Thanks as always mentor; also mickeh.