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12.15.03: Iggy and Peaches: "Kick It" video.

Not So Silent Night pix here.

Storytellers/Covington review here.

Go ask Alice...
After too many years of lame concept albums and Headbangers Ball pop metal, Alice Cooper finally gets back to the Detroit garage rock that earned him infamy. "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" is his best work in at least a decade. Claiming his birthright on "Detroit City" (which features MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer), Alice recalls playing with Iggy Pop while Kid Rock was in his crib and Slim Shady wore a bib.

Detroit City
Audio clip

Me and Iggy were giggin' with Ziggy and kickin' with the MC5
Ted and Seger were burnin' with fever
and let the Silver bullets fly
The Kid was in his crib, Shady wore a bib
and the posse wasn`t even alive
Shock rock choppin' block, sort to make your heart stop
Shovin' in ta overdrive
Playing loud and fast
Make that guitar blast
Playing like today will be your last...
Well I was born there
Gonna die there
With all my long hair
Detroit City
You feel your heart beat
You hit the concrete
To get to mean street
Detroit City...

Date: 12/12/2003; Publication: Entertainment Weekly; Author: Wise, Catherine
Byline: Catherine Wise

When it comes to musical guests, late-night talk shows are as different as their wise-cracking hosts. Late Show With David Letterman, for one, is known for showcasing critically respected artists, while Last Call With Carson Daly has a teen-friendly TRL edge. We spoke to the folks who bring you the tunes in the wee small hours. --Catherine Wise


RECENT GUESTS: Clay Aiken, Shelby Lynne, and the Alkaline Trio. "We try to book music we'd want to listen to," says Late Show producer Sheila Rogers, who arranges the acts with music coordinator Sheryl Zelikson. "At the same time, we also try to showcase the phenomenon of the moment." ON THEIR WISH LIST: the Rolling Stones, Neil Young. MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE: "Iggy Pop was shirtless and wearing long gold gloves and had a large bunch of broccoli hanging from his neck," Rogers recalls. "He proceeded to run into the audience. People were frightened."

Neurotic media: top promotional downloads.(Brief Article)
Date: 11/03/2003; Publication: Billboard Bulletin; Author:
Neurotic Media



Meshell Ndegeocello

Iggy Pop

Skull Ring is also #39 on the Billboard charts :-)


12.15.03:  SF and Seattle reviews:
2003 Not So Silent Night here and here.
Deck the Hall Ball review here.


12.11.03: Iggy is scheduled to participate in WBAI's fundraiser in the afternoon.

12.10.03: Philly radio station Y100 will be hosting a special Iggy show at the Khyber, 56 S. Second Street, Philadelphia, PA, a small venue (app.125 capacity) December 15th. You can only win tickets be calling in on air or registering at their website.

12.4.03: Iggy And The Stooges Might Record With Jack White, Rick Rubin
Washington Post Skull Ring review

12.3.03: Seattle Update: Iggy will host the Deck The Hall Ball, Dec. 11th, featuring Linkin Park and Rancid, as well as do a radio interview that morning. The station doesn't broadcast online unfortunately...

12.2.03: More more more Iggy!


December 11, 2003.
The End 107.7 FM, Seattle WA

December 12, 2003.
Live105.3FM, San Francisco CA
w/ The Trolls

December 14, 2003.
New Rock 97.3FM, Cincinnati OHIO
presents IGGY POP at Jillian's: special Storytellers performance.

VooDoo Music Experience 2003
7-8:30pm Sunday 12/7.
(Thanks Steve :-)


12.1.03: WRIF audio interviews, AOL Sessions, the making of LNIA, Casby Awards, pix.

WRIF telephone interviews:
8/22/2003 - Iggy Pop: 101 WRIF Detroit
11/04/2003 - Iggy Pop: 101 WRIF Detroit:

The AOL Sessions can be accessed by using the keyword Iggy then
selecting media from the search bar, if you have AOL broadband. 2
video clips with live in the studio performances: One 5 min interview
with Iggy, Ron, Scott, and Mike Watt explaining how they got back
together, with snippets of No Fun, Little Electric Chair, more. Clip 2
is a 5 min live studio version of Skull Ring.

More video for those who don't mind downloading a little demo software
and taking a very short survey, a demo made for MTV of the "making of
the video" of the first and now unavalable version of Little Know It
All here.

Casby Awards articles:

New VH1 article:Iggy Pop: Beast of Burden

New Orleans review:

Artist: Iggy & the Stooges
Date: November 1, 2003
Venue: Voodoo 2003, City Park, New Orleans

"I am you, motherfucker," screams 56-year old James Osterberg. He
pulls his cock out of the top of his pants, feigning masturbation. "I
am YOU!"

It's a warm Saturday evening in City Park, and James Osterberg -
better known as Iggy Pop - is stood on the edge of the Voodoo stage
berating a Metairie mall punk (young enough to be his granddaughter)
for her utter indifference to his performance. You can't blame her,
really. She's never seen the Godfather of Punk on MTV, never heard
him on 106.7 The End. He's just some old fart she must endure for an
hour before Marilyn Manson totters on in his high heels. "You suck
like the bands you like," Iggy offers encouragingly, then spits at

Alas, was it ever so. Nobody liked the Stooges in 1969, and precious
few more seem to like 'em in the New Orleans of 2003. "No Fun" wakes
a handful of kids from their slumber, but you have to suspect they are
familiar with the song only from the Sex Pistols' cover.

Guitarist Ron Asheton looks dressed for a trip around Home Depot, but
those flashing Detroit fingers still work the fretboard like a master
craftsman. Brother Scott pounds out the same simple, primal rhythms
that drove the Stooges back in the day, while ‘new guy' Mike Watt
holds it all together on bass in lieu of the late, great Dave
Alexander. Amazingly, they've managed to dig up avant-jazz
saxophonist Steve Mackay to reprise his role on 1970's Funhouse. The
extraordinary three-song sequence that makes up side two of that album
is played in its entirety, much to the delight of, well, me.

There is enough applause to persuade Iggy to return for an encore, but
he's gonna make 'em beg before he gives them a second rendition of "I
Wanna Be Your Dog". Make your mind up, Jim. Are you the sadist, or
the masochist, this evening?

Stephen Perrin
(published in a ? local NO paper, sorry SP, can't find the magazines
weblink in my mail.)

Iggy's on the David Letterman again tonight, Monday Dec.1.

For those of you who haven't seen these yet, an artsitically
outstanding collection of pix, including some that are "anatomically
correct." If your workplace pc is in clear view of others who are
easily offended I'd wait till you have privacy.

11.14.03: Another LNIA video, LA Times review of ATP

The live Miami version of LNIA (Churchill's, recorded 10.22.03) is up at mtv.com.

November 11, 2003.
By Natalie Nichols, Special to The LA Times

Rocking the Queen Mary

An electrifying performance by Iggy & the Stooges ended the All Tomorrow's Parties music festival in Long Beach on a high note.

Sunday's second and final day of the eclectic All Tomorrow's Parties music festival at the Queen Mary in Long Beach was a mellow affair, largely devoid of security hassles and the huge lines reported Saturday. Crowds eagerly gathered in both the ship's smaller nightclub room and the nearby waterfront park, with seemingly everyone converging on the outdoor space for an electrifying closing set by Iggy & the Stooges.

Curated by "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening, the program reflected the cartoonist's skewed taste, with avant-garde noodling (seasoned minimalist Terry Riley), ethereal song craft (Cat Power), bad joke acts (Har Mar Superstar) and lame Zeppelin imitations (the Mars Volta).

With highlights mostly from such veterans as Boston's Mission of Burma, it felt a bit like All Yesterday's Parties. The trio featuring three of the original four members vibrantly performed old favorites such as "That's When I Reach for My Revolver," while new tunes meshed nicely with their jittery, raging-to-melodic punk-pop.

Another standout was a rare reunion set by New York avant-funksters James Chance & the Contortions, with a mostly original lineup playing enthusiastically distorted numbers such as "Almost Black."

But Iggy was the undisputed king, backed by original Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton and his drummer brother, Scott, plus saxophonist and longtime associate Steve MacKay and bassist Mike Watt. This lineup appeared at last spring's Coachella festival, but that didn't diminish the sheer thrill of witnessing one of rock's last bona-fide antiheroes do his dance-along-the-edge thing.

Shirtless, rail-thin, tight jeans super-glued down low, Iggy wasn't exactly a pretty sight at 56, but he remained a powerful, hip-canted, legs-planted punk shaman. Fully engaged, he danced feverishly, fearlessly crowd-surfed and roared as if poised to devour every last listener.

Along with such tight, blazing classics as "TV Eye," "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (inexplicably performed twice) and "1970," the band offered an epic, soulful rendition of "Dirt," which Iggy dedicated to late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. Even the less compelling new material felt fresh, with the closing "Dead Rock Star" providing an appropriately sardonic kicker for the whole freaky night.

Thanks love ;-) I forgot to ask whats on the menu?:-)


11.12.03: LNIA video now up at @ http://www.iggypop.com
Virgin also mentioned, aside from the Letterman video being at their site and that Little Know It All will be up at MTV.com and on MTV2 in the next few days, a real cool AOL Session with the Stooges will start running later this week.

Here's another version of Little Know it All from the VMALAs.
If a sign in box comes up, just select Mexico.
No LUST clip unfortunately, but I know Dirt has that @ http://iggypop.org/dirtstradelist.html

WHERE: Experience Music Project at Seattle Center. (www.emplive.com)
WHEN: Saturday, November 8, running through Jan. 19, 2004 Hours: Mondays-Thursdays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Sundays, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Regina Hackett: "Iggy Pop looks like he'd been run over and got up again, like a cartoon character."

Annie Leibovitz: "He came to the door with his shirt off and said he didn't want to be photographed without his shirt, but he never put it on. His body's a road map of hard travel. It's hard to resist."

I talked to them, there are 2 new Leibovitz pix, not the Vanity Fair nude, remember this one?

Here's a picture of Iggy and Scott at the Tower record promo last week, thanks E.S.


11.9.03: There are 3 versions of Skull Ring: released os of this date
I have only heard the import, anyone hear the "edited" version?

After announcing the return of Body Count earlier this year, Ice-T continues to record with the collective — which now has a title for its forthcoming album: Murder for Hire. The rapper, who said the group's first album in seven years should be ready for release by 2004, held court Wednesday night with Iggy Pop at the rocker's record-release party at New York's Trust Lounge Also in attendance were actress Shannen Doherty, members of Sum 41, Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst, Minutemen/ Firehose bassist Mike Watt and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" food-and-wine connoisseur Ted Allen.

Churchill's in Miami reports that Sum 41 shot a music video at the venerable venue on Wednesday night, Oct 22rd, and that punk icon and South Floridian Iggy Pop popped up on stage with them. The audience of about 200 watched them shoot the video, then they cleared out the venue of the equipment, and the boys played 5 songs starting at midnight. (Churchill's wins all the local venue awards in Miami.)

Here's a new article about Iggy and Sum:

Iggy will co-host on VH1 Classic, which airs and repeats throughout the day on Saturday, November 15th. The promo is currently playing on the hour there.

Premiere Air times:
Rock Fest: 6 AM ET
We Are The 80's: 7 AM ET
Metal Mania: 8 AM ET
All Star Jams: 9 AM ET

Iggy and the Stooges on a videoclip from the New Orleans Voodoo Festival, performing "Real Cool Time" and "No Fun" altho the audio is absent on the latter. Go to the VOODOO PASS section.

I'll have alot of new pix up as soon as I have time to resize them for the web.

10.28.03: Preview the new CD Skull Ring on VH1, on sale in the US Nov. 4th, 2003.

Iggy & Sum 41 will do the David Letterman show on Thursday, November 6th, and also the 2003 CASBY AWARDS, Wednesday, November 26th at the Koolhaus (formerly The Warehouse) Toronto, Canada.

10.17.03: Courtesy of iggypop.com:

Iggy will be making the following appearances in support of SKULL RING. Get there early for the performance. He'll be signing copies at all three.

11/3 New York
Tower Records 692 Broadway New York, NY 10012(212)254-4622
11PM performance, Midnight Signing

11/4 Boston
Newbury Comics 211 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge MA 02138 (617) 491-7711
9PM performance followed by signing.

Download Skull Ring here!

* * * * * *

Iggy & the Stooges are the latest act to be added to the fifth annual Voodoo Music Experience. The reunited Iggy Pop-fronted act will play Nov. 1 in the middle of the three-day event in New Orleans City Park.

Amusing review of the Stooges' Lifebeat benefit concert August 27th, 2003 at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC here and great photo flipbook of the show here by MTV.

"Little Know It All" the video here!


9.27.03: New Stooges concert reviews here.


Arthur No. 6 (Sept 03) is now available!!! It features:

* Kristine McKenna talking at length with IGGY POP. The last time she
interviewed himwas 1979. This is Iggy at his finest: wise, sly, aphoristic, raw.

* RON & SCOTT ASHETON discussing their past, present and future with Jay
Babcock. This is the INSIDE story of the reunion, the new studio recordings and
the Stooges' triumphant, transcendent return to live performance at Coachella.
Ron also reminisces about how he survived being in the Stooges, and what the
future holds for both the Stooges and [grin] his acting career!

* How bassist MIKE WATT ended up onstage with Iggy & the Stooges, in his own

* DON FLEMING on the lost Wylde Ratttz sessions that have led to so much more...

* Tons of amazing photographs by Peter Whitfield from the Stooges' stunning live
comeback at Coachella. Includes a full-page shot of Iggy at the mic that's
suitable for framing.

This issue of ARTHUR also includes some other Michigan/'60s/'70s-related stuff:

* This fall, American national treasure JOHN SINCLAIR says farewell to the USA
for good. Jay Babcock conducts an exit interview with the poet, scholar and
former manager of the MC5. Introduction by Byron Coley.

* Matt Leum interviews documentary filmmaker SAM GREEN about his new film on the
Weather Underground, ‘60s student radicals who wanted to take down The Man by
“bringing the Vietnam War home.”

* James Parker reviews SHEMANE NUGENT's memoir, "Married To A Rock Star." Oh

ARTHUR is FREE. It is distributed to the mom-'n'-pop stores of North America, as
well as other key outlets, by a secret network of highly trained operatives.
Distribution points include, but are not limited to, those listed at

You can also order copies by mail order for $5 postpaid in the USA. Info is
posted at

9.19.03: Listen to "Little Know It All" from the forthcoming CD "Skull Ring here. Thanks Gui.

See "9 Moments of Rock and Roll" photographs by Sue Rynski here. Vintage photos of Iggy, Fred Smith, Rockaction.

Additional reviews and articles 2003 here.

9.09.03: On Monday Sept 2, 2003 BBC 6Music celebrated Iggy Pop's career with Iggy Day. There were exclusive tracks from the new album Skull Ring in all of the daytime shows. Played classic Iggy throughout the day and archive interviews. The 6 Music online team have recently created an artist's page for Iggy which is available to view now (audio interview files too.)

Sum 41 will perform with Iggy at MTV's Latin Awards in Miami in October. They'll
sing "Little Know It All," a song they wrote for Iggy Pop's upcoming Skull Ring.

Doors 7.30 pm
Tickets £7 / £5


A celebration of the underdog

The Director will be flying in from Los Angeles to present the film and answer questions.

A one-hour documentary depicting a collection of portraits and profiles from a fascinating group of underground icons and overlooked unknowns working in various media including print, film, graphic art, performance art, and music. The two-dozen interviewees are all true mavericks that operate outside of any "studio system", are beholden to no one, and produce influential and quality art regardless of a continuous paycheck.

featuring in-depth Interviews including:

Ian MacKaye (Fugazi), Lydia Lunch, Mike Watt (Minutemen), J Mascis (Dinosaur jr.), Jim Rose (Jim Rose Sideshow), Jim Thirlwell (Foetus), Richard Kern (Filmmaker), Ron Asheton (Stooges), Madigan Shive (Bonfire Madigan), Dave Brockie (Gwar) and more.

( 020 ) 7833 3644

VMA pix: 1  2

Thanks love :-)

8.27.03: Iggy tonight AND tomorrow night

MTV2 Presents a LIFEbeat Benefit Concert
August 27, 2003
Roseland Ballroom, 239 West 52nd Street

8:00 PM / Doors open at 7
Join us for a great night of music in support of LIFEbeat and its HIV/AIDS education programs.

with special guests

Iggy and Courtney Love will present the MTV2 award on the MTV Video Awards. The show premieres LIVE on August 28 @ 8 p.m. ET. MTV will have a live viewing console for those outside of the US who may want to watch here.

Its a viewer's choice award, vote here.

AFI - Girl's Not Grey
Interpol - PDA
The Roots/ Cody Chestnutt - The Seed 2.0
Common/Mary J Blige - Come Close
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows

This maybe a redundency for some of you but, the Detroit review:
DTE pix here.
Teresa took some too:-)

8.20.03: News catch-up after the Blackout of 2003. I drove all the way to DTE in case the radio was wrong! :-) Will attend the rescheduled date at DTE, Clarkston, MI. 8/25/03. The summer 2003 reviews and articles are here. I will add more as they come. Preshow local arts weeklys' articles here and here.

New Stooges date 8/27/03!
MTV2 Presents a LIFEbeat Benefit Concert
August 27, 2003
Roseland Ballroom, 239 West 52nd Street, NYC.
8:00 PM

Join Iggy Pop and the Stooges, plus special guests, for a great night of music in support of LIFEbeat and its HIV/AIDS education programs.

ON SALE Thursday, August 21st at 10:00 AM
General admission $30 available from Ticketmaster.
Limited number of VIP tickets $75 available by calling LIFEbeat at 212.459.2590. Sponsored by: Juice Batteries

Iggy and the stooges will play All Tomorrows Parties on the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA 11/8-9/03.

New official Iggy Pop website here.

One of Peter Whitfield's Coachella pix have been selected for the Sept cover of Authur magazine. see his other Coachella pix here.

**Thanks all who have contributed info and please forgive me for not giving credit, I have been on the road 1400 miles this past week and my mail is a MESS!**


8.05.03: New York (Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach, Friday, August 8th) press:
New York Post
New York Daily News
The Village Voice


Boston Review

New Rhino release

Review from The Japan Times (thanks Steve B!)

Hope to see many of you at Clarkston, August 14th. We'll be wearing red carnations again, row FFF:-)

7.10.03: Mallorca setlist/review; transatlantic Iggy sighting

Here is the set list of this incredible show in Mallorc . Duration of
the show 80 min. (Thanks Manel!)

- Loose
- Down on the street
- Drink new blood
- Search and Destroy (with a bloody Iggy!)
- Raw Power
- Corruption
- Real Wild Child
- I wanna be your Dog
- Death Is Certain
- Perverts in the sun
- Home
- Superbabe
- The Passenger
- I got a Right
- Cold Metal
- My funny Valentine (fragment)
- TV Eye
- Sixteen
- I Snub you
- Death Trip
- No Fun
- Louie Louie

The show began at 1:25 p.m. and it was very amazing with Iggy jumping,
and dancing like he always does.
During "TV Eye" he intented hang to the lights of the stage! and during
"Search and destroy" some motherfucker from the audience throw a lighter
to his head and made him bleed. Iggy shouted in spanish "tengo sangre,
sangre!!!" that means "I am bleeding , blood !!" but continued like
nothing happens with an excellent concert.
In the song passenger Iggy invited people get to the stage as usually
does, and a lot of Iggy fans (me included) intented to jump to the stage
but the security people begin to hit us and Iggy stopped the show calling
the security members as "Fucking fascists!!" Then the show went on and
finishing with all the audience singing and dancing "No Fun"and "Louie
Next date, Iggy and the stooges in Vitoria-Gasteiz. It will be GREAT !!!

Manel (An Iggy Fan from the Catalan Countries)


Transatlantic Iggy sighting: 6-7-03

One of my friends from work flew home from Paris to Miami on Friday and who
was sitting behind him but Iggy! My friend noticed Nina first, who he said
looked absolutely gorgeous and wondered who the man next to her was. He
assumed Ig was a rock star, but couldn't place him although he wondered
througout the flight. When leaving the plane, my friend noticed that Iggy
had forgotten his book in the back of the seat and tried to return it to
him. The polite Mr. Pop said, "Thanks a lot, but I actually meant to leave
it there. It wasn't very good," and handed the book back.

My friend noticed that Iggy was wearing two different shoes--a heavy clog
on one foot and a water shoe like you wear at the beach on the other. A new
fashion or an injured foot??? It was hard to tell.

The mystery of "The Passenger" was solved once my friend arrived home. His
wife had guessed that may have been Iggy Pop sitting behind them and after
some Internet research, found out her hunch was correct.

Ah, such luck! I would never end up on the same plane as Iggy!

Hope you enjoyed this brief Iggy encounter ...

from Iggy's neighbor, Julie in South Florida


7.01.03: Boston reviews and pix: Veinna pix.


At 56, Pop still has lust for life

By Tom Kielty, Globe Correspondent, 6/30/2003

here was a carnival atmosphere on Boston's Fan Pier Friday evening when alternative radio station WFNX-FM (101.7) concluded its Best Music Poll celebrations with a Grand Finale at the FleetBoston Pavilion. From the retro fun of seeing how many passengers could fit into a Volkswagen to the decidedly futuristic mechanized rock-climbing wall, the concourse teemed with a wide-ranging audience of music fans.

While the majority looked happy simply to be near an ocean breeze on a day that lingered in the high 80s, there were distinct camps visible. The punk veterans, waiting for headlining legend Iggy Pop, traded glances with the campy Fischerspooner crowd while the next generation of fans waited anxiously for alterna-upstarts the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the aptly titled Hot Hot Heat. In the end, the bill turned out to be a wonderful smorgasbord, with Pop delivering the main course with an urgency that men half his age would be hard-pressed to match.

The 56-year-old Pop is a whirling dervish onstage, and over the course of an hour-plus set he once again solidified his legacy in the history of nonmainstream music. Stalking the stage like a recently liberated animal, Pop drove his band, the unknown English upstarts the Trolls, through an encyclopedic overview of his career that gathered the blistering force the artist's work has always commanded. Whether on the brief stage dive the shirtless singer took during a walloping ''I Wanna Be Your Dog'' or leading a singalong chorus on the throbbing ''The Passenger,'' he proved himself a tireless torch-bearer of punk's earliest glories.

Pop seemed happily willing to visit a wide range of stops from his influential career, bringing the same extraordinary energy to such obscurities as ''Cold Metal'' and ''Sixteen'' that he brought to the classic ''Search & Destroy.'' Pop's set was fueled by a sparking intensity that never hesitated.

Performing before him were avant electronic experimentalists Fischerspooner. The duo, backed by a bevy of scantily clad ladies, were a well-choreographed train wreck, intentionally starting and stopping tracks to chastise the audience with playfully blue admonitions. Their over-the-top theatrics were a rousing success in terms of shock value, but the synth-heavy dub beats they delivered grew repetitive by the set's end.

The event's first two performances came from younger artists riding waves of buzz and current radio singles. New York's Yeah Yeah Yeahs were led by provocative singer Karen O, who, in matching hot pants and tank top, cut a sexy figure prowling the stage with microphone in one black-gloved hand and a beer bottle in the other. Their ''Date With the Night'' had a menacing sound, but the bass-less trio struggled at times to find the large stage's low end.

Vancouver's Hot Hot Heat earned points for consistent energy in the day's first and warmest set. The group's frenetic energy propelled it through a parade of keyboard-heavy mayhem, and despite a poor sound mix, the band's hit ''Bandages'' woke the crowd for the long night of rock that lay ahead.

This story ran on page D15 of the Boston Globe on 6/30/2003.



Iggy unleashes raw power of punk rock
Boston Herald; Boston, Mass.; Jun 29, 2003; John Ruch;

Iggy Pop, with Fischerspooner, Hot Hot Heat and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, FleetBoston Pavilion, Friday night.

Most of the time, you go to a concert to hear some rock 'n' roll. But when you go to an Iggy Pop concert, it's to see rock 'n' roll in the flesh, shirtless and squirming in skin-tight jeans.

And there he was Friday night at the FleetBoston Pavilion, the incarnation of and inspiration for nearly everything good about pop music over the past 30 years. The songs ranged from seminal Stooges material (including a rampaging "TV Eye") to his unfairly maligned last album (2001's "Beat 'Em Up," probably that year's best rock record).

It was one of Iggy's (and his band, the Trolls) more workmanlike shows, which means only two microphones were broken and only one bass stack was climbed. At age 56, Iggy was more anarchic than most of today's teenagers, and smarter than most of their parents.

He was also probably invisible to anybody more than 10 rows back, since the spotlight never came on. His mad dash into the audience helped him connect a bit more.

Unfortunately, there were no previews of material from his upcoming album, which will include four new songs written with the surviving Stooges. But we can wait. Iggy will probably outlive us all, and his primal breed of rock 'n' roll will outlive him.

In a rare live show, opening act Fischerspooner, the delirious New York performance artists, staged a hilariously lavish satire of pop spectacle, from dance routines to lip syncing.

Rounding out the stellar bill put together by FNX Radio were New York wunderkinds the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (who were hot, hot, hot) and Canadian new-wavers Hot Hot Heat (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!).

Boston pix

bully's Vienna pix

6.23.03: New Stooges date!

Fri, 08/08/03
7:00 pm
Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Tommy Hilfiger At Jones Beach Theater
Wantagh, NY.

US pop singer Iggy Popand former Italian top model and now singer Carla Bruni smile after being awarded Knight in the Arts and Letters order in Paris Saturday June 21, 2003.

Thanks Peter.

6.22.03: Iggy was awarded the medal of honor by the French Minister of Culture
today. Article in French here.
Thanks Gui.

Tickets are going fast at http://ticketmaster.com for the Iggy and the
Stooges' show August 14th, 2003 at the DTE Energy Music Center
(formerly Pine Knob) in Clarkston, Michigan, near Detroit and Ann
Arbor. John Griffins' walking tour -- The Rock Tour of Ann Arbor --
will be also be available.

The reunited Stooges have also recorded four new songs together, which
are set for inclusion on Pop's upcoming Virgin album, "Skull Ring."
Due Sept. 30, the album will be led by the single "Little Know It All"
featuring Sum 41, and also features Green Day and Pop's band the


18/6/03 Train, Århus, Denmark setlist, Thanks Tomas :-)

Setlist 18/6/03:
Might contain errors:
"Down On The Street"
"Drink New Blood"
"Search And Destroy"
"Raw Power"
"Real Wild Child" (Stopped "I cant hear the fucking chords")
"Real Wild Child"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog"
"Death Is Certain"
"Not Right"
"Cold Metal"
"TV Eye"
"Death Trip"
"Louie Louie"
"No Fun"
"No Fun" ("let's play it again")
He broke 4 mikes during the show

Link to danish music mag. review.

Picture :-) :


bully's review of the Vienna show (in German, with setlist) here.
He played about 80 mins, and Keith Richards attended the show. Pix here.

Thanks bully!:-)


damned's setlist picture and comments, Vienna, Austria June 17th 2003.

"no lust
no super
no snub
plus louie louie as the final track!" Thanks damned!

6.17.03: The August 14th Iggy and the Stooges show at DTE in Clarkston, MI has been confirmed.

The Hamburg show June 15th, 2003. In the beginning Iggy said in German: "We are all looking great and we are all a bit horny!" Security had quite a time with the crowd during the rush to the stage during Passenger, held in a nice city park, crowd of 2000 plus.

Here is the official setlist Iggy's show in Hamburg, June 15th, 2003.

Down On The Street
Drink New Blood
Wild One
Perverts (new)
Cold Metal
TV Eye
Knockin (from Soldier, not played since 82 or 83 -- thanks Dirt.)
Trip (didnt play it)
Super (new)
16/Lust (just a little part of Lust)
Snub (new)

Played 70 mins, usual time. Thanks Gen!

Vienna Tonight. Talked to DTE yesterday about the August 14th Stooges show in Clarkston, MI, who said nothing's signed yet but it will probably happen, THEY had not announced the August 14th gig yet. No confirmation from management as yet.

Hope to see many of you in Clarkston! The new site is beautiful Gui:-)))

6.04.03: Subject: Stooges in Detroit! Awaiting official confirmation :-)

Iggy & the Stooges will play DTE in August
June 4, 2003


Three decades after they turned off the amps and left the name to history, one of Detroit's most notorious bands is headed back to town.

A reunited Iggy Pop & the Stooges will play the DTE Energy Music Theatre on Aug. 14, a date confirmed Tuesday by sources close to the band and by Clear Channel Entertainment.

Tickets are expected to run from $22 for lawn seats to $48 for pavilion seats. Sale info is not yet available. Also scheduled for the bill: New York noise-rock outfit Sonic Youth. Several contemporary Detroit rock bands may be invited to play as well.

The concert comes amid a flurry of new activity for Iggy, guitarist Ron Asheton and drummer Scott Asheton, who formed in Ann Arbor in 1967 and quickly became one of the area's leading live acts. The Asheton brothers joined Iggy in January for studio sessions in Florida -- a move that has transformed into a full-fledged Stooges album set for recording this summer.

The album will be released by Virgin Records, home to Iggy Pop's solo work since the mid-1990s.

The threesome was joined by bassist Mike Watt for a well-received performance at April's Coachella festival in California, where they charged through songs from the group's first two albums.

The night at DTE could be a special one for hometown rock fans. Considered by many to be the most influential band ever to emerge from Michigan's famously fertile rock scene, the Stooges have enjoyed renewed international attention since the latest breakout of Detroit garage rock.

5.19.03: Iggy Pop and very special guests, June 27th, Iggy is headlining, at the Fleet Boston Pavillion. The show is put on WFNX radio station in Boston, MA.

Thanks Chris.

Mike Watt's tour diary: Coachella.

5.16.03: Skull Ring is the name of the new and final Virgin CD, also now including a track with Sum 41, and the release date has been pushed back till the fall. Read Rolling Stone article here.

Update of the Stooges' at Coachella by Creem magazine, plus resurrected archival material -- includling a great Lester Bang's article here.

Also,the world's premeiere futbal team, Manchestor United, is using Iggy's "Lust for Life" to get psyched up for games, their Norwegian star player being a dedicated Iggy fan. Thanks Dirt!

4.30.03: New page devoted to the Stooges reunion at Coachella -- reviews, pix here.

04.27.03: Momentous day in Indio, CA -- the reunion of iggy and the Stooges! Slated to play at 9:10pm.
Article from the front page of the Arts section:

LA Times
April 26, 2003

Positively primal reunion
It will be a throwback when Iggy & the Stooges take the stage.

By Richard Cromelin, Times Staff Writer

In Iggy & the Stooges' 1973 landmark album "Raw Power," singer Iggy Pop, previously Iggy Stooge, memorably casts himself as "the world's forgotten boy."

The Coachella rock festival in Indio this weekend seems designed in part to prove that he's anything but forgotten. Every aggressive performer on the bill, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis to the three Beastie Boys to the Hives' Howlin' Pelle, owe something to the whiplash dynamism Iggy brought to rock in the late '60s. And every raw representative of the so-called garage-rock revival, starting with fellow Detroiters the White Stripes, do what they do in large part because the Stooges fought hard to make a place for rock's primal impulses.

One other act will testify to their importance: the Stooges themselves, with Iggy and his original bandmates Ron and Scott Asheton on stage together for the first time since the mid-'70s. It's one of the most highly anticipated moments of the act-packed weekend.

"There had been intermittent suggestions to do some sort of reunion and I always stayed away from it," Pop said this week. "But since I was making a record and I wanted some guests, I thought, 'Well who would be the coolest guests?' And it came down to Ron and Scott, particularly because those are the two guys who got behind me when I was Joe Zilch basically."

The threesome recorded four songs for Iggy's upcoming album, opening the door to other options.

"It was super cool, I couldn't believe it," said Pop, 56. "So at that point it was a living unit, and so the possibility was there to do a gig, and somebody asked. That's all it really was. It just kind of happened naturally like a real band. This isn't the Eagles or the Sex Pistols.... It happened first in the studio with new tracks for release. I wouldn't do this had that not happened."

They probably won't play the new songs at Coachella (where they'll be joined by L.A.'s Mike Watt on bass), but Iggy said that the sound is unmistakable.

"If somebody put it on you'd say ... 'Is that the ... Stooges?' Yeah, it sounds like the band. There's one that's a definite departure, a step further, and there are three that sound much closer."

That's great news to a certain brand of rock fan for whom the Stooges are the Beatles of Basic, the source of everything significant in the music for the past three decades. They made only three formal albums, but in the process they redefined -- or rediscovered -- what rock could mean.

The Stooges crawled out of the Ashetons' basement in Ann Arbor, Mich., and confronted a complacency that could be softened only by the creepiest of dirges and breached only by the most the ferocious sonic battering ram. With Ron playing guitar and his brother Scott on drums (the late David Alexander was the original bassist), they were a troglodytic reminder of rock's primal foundations.

"I started out just wanting to front a musically adventurous band which would of necessity work with very, very basic skills," Pop said this week. "My skills were so basic, so I had to find some guys as basic as I was. And they were coming more from the standard high school dropouts on the corner wanting to be rock stars, and we sort of met somewhere in the middle."

They also demanded attention by virtue of the scrawny, bare-chested singer's punishing, unpredictable stage persona.

"We know if you were gonna have some sort of a rock band, there had to be kineticism, there had to be a lift to it, and we weren't really getting it," Pop recalled. "We were livin' in a farmhouse on the edge of town, and it was winter, and one day our manager refused to heat our rehearsal room, and I went crazy.

"And when I went crazy, the anger caused me to insult him as I sang, and ... I began dancin' around as I insulted him, and the band began to play in a way they'd never really played before, and at that moment we had a style. The one thing fed the other. We had a style.... There was a lot of aggro involved and that grew in all sorts of ways. But there was always something positive under it."

Anti-virtuosity, brink-of-chaos maneuvers and remorseless riffing are standard fare now, but it just wasn't done in that more polite era, at least with any expectation of being taken seriously.

The Stooges were mocked and reviled by the mainstream, but an audience of core rock fans grasped them as a lifeline. That following gave rise to glam (David Bowie became a Stooges patron and collaborator) and punk (the Stooges' "No Fun" was the last song the Sex Pistols played live before breaking up), later to grunge and garage rock -- every movement that treasured statement and individuality over dull professionalism.

After "Raw Power," which added guitarist James Williamson to the lineup, Iggy (born James Osterberg) embarked on a varied solo career, hanging in the past all expectations, given his legendarily self-destructive way, and assuming the patina of an elder statesman.

If rock doesn't currently need the radical jolt the Stooges administered three decades ago, Sunday's set (currently the band's only planned performance) should still draw undivided attention from the group's spiritual heirs

"When Nirvana and all that was coming up, it was, 'Well how do you feel about grunge being based on [your stuff]?' " said Pop. "And before that it was 'How do you feel about alternative?' It comes up from time to time.

"Sometimes there's just a chance similarity.... And then sometimes you actually hear people sing certain of your techniques or thought processes, using your stuff to re-create. Yeah, I feel fortunate, because there's a fine line that divides isolated crazy from visionary artiste. So one feels, 'Oh, this should help.' "

Iggy & the Stooges play Sunday, 9:10 p.m

Thanks Steve and Bill!

04.25.03: Iggy has already decided on the setlist for Coachella, only material from the first 2 albums, 45 - 60 min set. They are going to rehearse Friday and Saturday. Scotty has apparently designed T-shirts especially for the gig.

Iggy will also appear on the Jonathan Ross show the night before he plays the Isle of Wight Festival in June.

Have a great weekend all, especially those attending the Coachella show.

Thanks love:-)

04.08.03: Denmark and Austria concert dates 2003.

Iggy is to play Bank Austria Halle (Gasometer) Vienna, Austria, the
17th of June 2003.

Iggy is to play Train, Aarhus, Denmark, Tuesday the 18th of June 2003.

Thanks, bully and Neils!


Iggy and the Stooges
(Ron and Scott Asheton
, Mike Watt on bass.)
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA.

03.06.03: 2003 Iggy Pop appearances announced:

Iggy Pop
June 14, 2003
Isle of Wight Rock Festival
Sea Close Park Newport I O W

Iggy Pop
June 15. 2003
Freilichtbühne Stadtpark
Ecke Jahnring / Saarlandstraße
22299 Hamburg German

Material from the next CD, including collaberations with Green Day and the Asheton brothers is dueto be handed over to Virgin March 31.

New and rare additions to Dirt's Iggy Pop Tradelist! Iggy with Patti Smith in '77, Iggy with Nick Cave and more 2002 shows.

02.11.03: Creem update on the Asheton Bros in Miami with Iggy here.

Its not the Stooges, but a little something new...


Island Mercury
Release date: 3.10.03

Soundbyte here. Enter Flash site discography.

hollywood blow / fly like crows / shits gonna rock / anywhere you go
take it to the bank / the battleship sank / shit's gonna rock / man i don't mock
over the stars in the ugly cars / over police, rabits and priests / over berlin, let it begin
shits gonna rock / i do not mock
it's with me still / i need a pill / it's taking me over / my brain is fried / it's suicide / crazy time / i'm losing touch / can't lose too much / it's taking me over / it's sex and drugs / it's bucks and blood
shit's gotta rock / bitch's gotta die / take another sip / tell another lie
settle up the load / shadow on the road / heroin, caffein / the ain't no seen
fuck around back / the ain't no slack / yeah i got tracks / this is an attack/ on a big full moon
mith my baby in june / check this tune / fly like a balloon
it's with me still / i need a pill / it's taking me over / my brain is fried / it's suicide / crazy time / i'm losing touch / can't lose too much / it's taking me over / it's sex and drugs / it's bucks and blood
rockicide / it's with me still / i need a pill / it's taking me over / my brain is fried / it's suicide / crazy time / i'm losing touch / can't lose too much / it's taking me over / it's sex and drugs / it's bucks and blood
it's with me still...

Thanks love :-)

01.15.03: Asheton Asheton Mascis Watt backstage in Tilburg Dec 6 2002. Thanks Gen :-)

01.07.03: As of this afternoon, according to Iggy's management, Ron and Scott Asheton will be joining Iggy in Miami next week to record 2 tracks for the new and final album for Virgin. James Williamson is not part of the project. Reunion concerts have not been discussed yet, but the purpose of this get together was to record the album and nothing more. The material is to be handed in to Virgin March 31st, for release May-June or even after the summer.

Thanks love :-)